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Casting Call for Funny Or Die skit “The Telephone” – Los Angeles, CA

Casting Call Details:
Project: Seeking Actor 40s-60s for Funny Or Die skit / “The Telephone”
Location: Los Angeles, CA

I write & produce for our Funny Or Die page, “Weirdfellas.” (www.funnyordie.com/weirdfellas) I have a skit coming up about the first ever telephone call made by Alexander Graham Bell to his assistant, Watson. I need someone in their 40s-60s to play Graham Bell. Looking more for actors with improv and/or comedy experience generally. But even if you’re more of a straight arrow and think you have a good angle on this, I want to hear from you. (Look what Leslie Nielson did with Airplane, after all)

This skit has quite a bit of swearing in it, so you need to be ok with that. (It’s the whole goof of it) There are two other actors in it, it’s a period piece so I’m getting everybody fitted for costumes, and we’re going to shoot in an old museum up in Santa Fe on a Sunday in the next month or two, so it’s a bit of a road trip. (I’ll drive everybody) Should be a lot of fun, we always have a good time on our shoots, super easy guys to hang with. The actual shoot shouldn’t take more than 3 hours, tops.

The costumes, the drive, everything else is going to cost me a chunk. I’m just a working class fella and wind up putting most of my money into these things in the hopes of one day having our own TV show, so I can’t pay anybody. If that’s a problem, totally understand. But I promise it’ll be fun and a bunch of folks will see it and if you’re between gigs and want to get into something, I have this going on. Would love to have you. If you have an Youtube clips or links to your work as well, I’d be much obliged.

Thanks homies!

Casting Calls Categories: Lead Roles Casting Calls
Audition Date: May something
Project: Casting Call for Funny Or Die skit/ “The Telephone”
Casting Call Location: Los Angeles, California

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