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Casting for comedic web series – Milwaukee, WI

Currently accepting casting submissions for a yet to be titled web series. The overall style of the show is in the vein of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” but certainly holds its own charm and unique characteristics with an outlandishly offbeat sense of humor.

The series follows the lives of three friends that share an apartment together and go about their usual yet continually entertaining daily routines. A fresh approach to the “20-something” comedy, the web series features engaging characters as they face and experience life on the brink of true adulthood. In addition to interpersonal changes and developments, they frequently encounter interesting, amusing, and always hilarious situations at every turn. These individuals fight, love, laugh, and share their lives, as they experience “complex” living in their apartment. Each episode will have its own storyline and will be 7 to 10 minutes in length.

NO PRIOR ACTING EXPERIENCE REQUIRED! We are looking for individuals that have endearing characteristics, a unique personality and possess natural comedic ability. This is the perfect opportunity for anyone looking to gain experience!!

We are casting ages 18 – 25 to play the following lead characters.

CYRUS BRENNER (early 20’s): He is a typical young guy, loves having a good time and is more about living in the moment than looking ahead. A full-time student, he is very smart, but is often found putting off his studies for the pursuit of fun. Enjoys living with his girlfriend and best friend, is currently content with his way of life. Generally eager to please everyone, he seeks stability. Not quite sure where life is taking him or where he wants to go, he is often looking to others to make such critical decisions for him.

PARKER LANGSTON (early 20’s): He is Cyrus’s best friend, unemployed and rather lazy he sits around the apartment all day thinking rather than doing. His wit is as sharp as his tongue, and he is always at the ready with a smartass quip. A very spontaneous individual, he is generally crafting some scheme or coming up with an outlandish idea. He is extremely self-centered and very uncouth, however his off the wall demeanor and hilarious antics are incredibly charming.

LEAD FEMALE (early 20’s): She is Cyrus’s girlfriend and loves him very much, has made a positive impact on his life and feels she knows what is best for him. She is also very fond of Parker, even with all of his faults she considers him a great friend and sees his true potential. A part-time student, part-time employee at a bank, she is paving her own way. Her personality is very loving and caring, but at the same time she has a sassy temper. A very strong-willed individual, always wanting more, she is determined to achieve and have a successful career and a happy life.

We are casting ages 25-35 to play the following character.

IAN (late 20’s/early 30’s): He moves into the apartment next door, is a very odd looking individual with a strange personality. He is simply creepy and weird, like a modern yet quite eccentric, Norman Bates. His unusual behavior and odd/mysterious sensibilities scare Parker in the pilot episode. He will have a very prominent role throughout the series.

All footage will be shot on a single camera (digital miniDV) then edited and widely distributed online, as well as other appropriate mediums. Episodes will be filmed mostly on nights (early evenings) and weekends, just outside of the Milwaukee area. We would definitely prefer individuals with somewhat open schedules, but we can be flexible when necessary.

Auditions will be held in the very near future!

To be considered, PLEASE EMAIL: SciWeid@gmail.com – include a photo, a brief overview of yourself and previous acting experience (if any), as well as contact info.

If chosen, you will be contacted and we will work with you to set up a filmed audition. We can email you a copy of the pilot episode, so that you can rehearse in advance.

While we would like to compensate everyone fairly, unfortunately due to our practically nonexistent budget we are not in the position to do so at this time. But we promise that this project will be an extremely fun and creative experience! In addition we are determined to turn this into something truly viable.




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