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Casting Call for Web Series “The Rise of Helliva”

Project: “The Rise of Helliva”
Casting Calls Category: Web Series
Location: Jacksonville, FL

Casting Call Details:

“The Rise of Helliva”

It all started with a hike in the woods….Drake and Eva Moore, the perfect couple, are forced to realize the limits of a marriage ordained by God when an evil spirit called Helliva finds her way into the world of the non-metaphysical. Eva finds herself wandering from her pedigree and Drake drifts into someone else’s arms other than God’s. Hikes turn into hunts. Hunts turn into life or death. Will the perfect couple regain God’s favor?

Drake Moore (age 25-32 African Am.) Tall, Dark and Handsome male. He’s a debonair gentleman all the while being the man of the house. His wife Eva, honors him and he’s used to the reverence.

Carmen Riviera (age 25-32, Latin) Salty, saucy temptress. Carmen’s an astoundingly beautiful woman. She acts as Drake’s best-friend and trusted advisor. She is truly married to God but comes off as a Jezebel. (Latin accent a plus)

Sinius (age 5-9, African Am.) A small, articulate boy. Innocent looking and obedient. Sinus is the son of a single father. (Must be able to learn a few lines and physicalize sword fighting)

Apollyon (age 35-50, African Am.) A very large, muscular male who is cocky and a very obtrusive presence. Long hair or Dred locks is a plus. A weathered look. (must be able to execute a hand to hand combat)

Mike Richardson (age 25-35,white) Drake’s best male friend. Mike is a loyal friend to Drake and his wife is Eva’s good friend. He’s the comedic relief and keeps Drake from taking life too seriously.

Cheryl Richardson (age 25-35, white) Eva’s good friend and confidant. Cheryl is Mike’s sarcastic wife. They are one in the same, seasoned vets at marriage.

Charles (age 30-45, African Am.) A clean cut, dad type.

Catherine (age 3-45, African Am./Mixed) A nimble but meek woman. Small frame and soft looking.

Emily (age 5-9, African Am./Mixed) Tiny, Innocent look. (must be able to scream)

*** Sides will be provide for the actors to read from.

Casting Calls Categories: Web Series Casting Calls / Young Actors Casting Calls
Audition Date: September 3rd, 2011 (possible other days)
Project: “The Rise of Helliva” (webseries)
Location: Jacksonville, FL

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