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United Plates of America

Do you have an idea for America’s next great restaurant? Are you sitting on a billion dollar concept? If you think your restaurant idea has what it takes to go national and bring in millions of hungry Americans, then apply now to NBC’s new reality competition series, “United Plates of America.” It could be one of the biggest prizes in reality show history and you don’t have to have any cooking or restaurant experience . . . just one great idea!

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From NBC and Magical Elves, the Emmy Award-nominated producers of “Project Runway” and “Top Chef,” comes a big-event competition that will award one contestant the opportunity to open a new restaurant chain in four cities across America!

The contestants’ fate will be decided by a panel of real investors who fund the chain of restaurants with their own money.

“United Plates of America” challenges creative and ambitious people to realize their dream of opening the next great restaurant. Many people have great ideas, but actually making it happen requires substantial financial backing and business connections that few people can claim. The winner will be selected by a panel of some of the most important names in both the dining and business worlds that will invest their own money in the final restaurant chain and have a huge stake in the ongoing success of the game’s winner.

This show is going to make the American Dream come true for someone out there – all you need is one great idea. Do you have it?”

If you think you have an idea for America’s next great restaurant – there are two ways to try out for the show!
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