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Seeking actors for sitcom series pilot “Housecall” – Tempe, AZ

Audition Date: 2/5/11
Project: “Housecall”
Casting Calls Category: Pilot
Location: Tempe, AZ


Second Chance Productions
Director: Jonathan R. Millard & Chancellor J. Lastra

Character Breakdown

There will be 10 characters for this project along with 8-15 extras for both jail cell inmates and Kelda Sue’s family.

Dr. Steve – An ethical, yet money-driven mid-late 30’s doctor whose wit and sarcasm tend to get the best of him sometimes. After his divorce, he relies on his good lawyer friend, Richard, to help him. His character is major, round, and dynamic (before his divorce to after his divorce we see that change). He’s good looking, but lets himself go due to his divorce.

Richard – Dr. Steve’s loyal Jewish lawyer who means the best, but doesn’t always do the best. Richard is around the same age as Dr. Steve (late 20s to early 30s). His character is also major, but is flat and static as in he remains the same all throughout the show: a womanizing, boozing, drug-doing moron. He has a Jewish background, but doesn’t at all act like it.

Police guard at Jail Station – Late 30s, heavier set guard that lets inmates in and out of the cells. He is nonchalant about his job and recognizes many of the people going in and out of the jail, including Jimmy.

Jimmy – A 19-year old inquisitive punk who is a marijuana smoker and occasional dealer that is in and out of jail. He is just as witty as Dr. Steve. Recurring character.

Rupert – A 50-70-year old perverted man who finds himself in jail after letting his hands wander on a stripper. Rupert was put in a predicament but isn’t surprised. Minor character.

Kelda Sue – A Caucasian mid-20s pregnant, oblivious trailer trash hick. She acts and says dumb things. Married to a man named Dave.

Alonzo – An African-American man in his late 20’s to early 30’s in athletic shape. Alonzo is confident about his physique. He is Dr. Steve’s pool cleaner, who has an affair with his wife.

Kelly – Dr. Steve’s wife. A Caucasian typical housewife in her early to mid 30’s who is looking for something else in life. She is conniving towards Dr. Steve, but he is oblivious to everything she does until she puts it out in plain sight for him to see. She is very attractive, as like many rich doctors wives are.

Midwife – Kelda Sue’s midwife who is probably her mother too. Mid 40’s to late 50’s hick hippie.

Offender # 1 – One of the men in the jail cell who is very angry about being in a Las Vegas jail who takes it out on Dr. Steve. Aged around his 40’s.

Jail Cell Extras (5-10)

Kelda Sue’s Family extras (3-5)

Show Synopsis
Housecall: A sitcom series pilot about an ethical, yet money-driven doctor whose life takes a complete turn for the worse. Dr. Steve’s life begins to spiral out of control after his divorce and losing his practice; he is left without a means for an income and finds himself frequently drunk, high, and in trouble with the law. As Dr. Steve begins to hit rock bottom, he finds himself in a jail cell after a drunken bender. During his stay in the slammer, he is suggested to do what he is good at, which is practicing medicine, and begins performing housecalls to some of Las Vegas’ most notorious gangsters and former patients. Along the way, he gains the clientele of Sin City’s most ill-advised, immoral, unethical, and downright crazy patients who are found in crazy predicaments and with crazy requests.

What to Prepare
Please contact us via the submission form below and we will send you sides to characters that you take an interest in. Please be prepared to audition for additional parts. All extras please come to the audition even if you don’t take an interest in any specific character so that we can meet you, and possibly even have you audition for another role if you wish.

Audition Info
Date\Time: February 5th, 2011 beginning at 10:00 A.M.
976 S. Forest Mall, Tempe 85287 ROOM 184
(There is parking by the Chili’s parking lot and by SACKS sandwich shop. The building is Coor building (the big glass building on campus right off the side street) and the room is right on the ground level. If you have any issues please call Chancellor at 702-308-3720.)

Show Info
Callback: February 7, 2011 by 8:00 P.M.
Rehearsal: TBD
Run: Feb 13 – Feb 20

Chancellor Lastra
Co-Producer, Co-Writer, Co-Director
(702) 308-3720

Casting Calls Categories: Pilot Series Casting Calls
Audition Date: 2/5/11
Project: “Housecall”
Location: Tempe, AZ

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