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Casting new show from the producers of “Intervention”

Do you know a “cat lady” – or anyone else who keeps an over-abundance of pets?
Has a home in your neighborhood become a zoo of unruly animals?

Are you an animal care professional or law enforcement officer that suspects someone in your community might be an animal hoarder?

Are you worried for the well-being of a loved one who is keeping a growing hoard of animals?
“Animal hoarding” is a serious disorder in which people compulsively take in more animals than they are capable of caring for.
If you know someone that needs help Cornwell Casting and GRB Entertainment, producers of the hit show “INTERVENTION,” would like you to hear your story.

This new documentary series will help friends and family confront compulsive pet owners, forcing them to get help and let go of their animal hoard in the interest of a healthier life for the animals and themselves.
To help the hoarder in your life by appearing on this new TV program, simply email us your story (with a few photos of the hoarder if possible) TODAY!

Please note that all submissions are confidential.



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