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Casting Call for Television Drama Series “Pretense” – Tampa, FL

Casting Call Details:
Pretense, a television drama series that revolves around wealthy families and their secrets.

Character Breakdown:

Jodi Rae
Age: 21-40 Beautiful successful high powered executive living life on her own terms. She is a female con-artist who gets what she wants by any means necessary. Jodi has her eye set on becoming Mrs. Sen. Michael Warren. Nothing will stand in her way, not even the past that she has buried so deep in her heart. No matter how far she runs, she can’t seem to hide from the past that keeps haunting her.

Lisa Freeman
Age: 21-40 Lisa Freeman is the Sister of Jodi Rae. Lisa finds herself weakened and broken from a lack of love from her father who adored her sister Jodi Rae. She is now a stripper, dancing in a club managed by her boyfriend Blade. Blade keeps control over her due to a cocaine habit, and fear of being alone. She has a love hate relationship with her sister who would just rather she disappeared.

Age: 21-40 Strip club owner, petty criminal has his eyes set on getting a hold of his girlfriend Lisa Freeman’s sisters money. He controls her by her addiction to cocaine. He knows of Jodi Rae’s secrets and wants to cash in on her good fortune.

Sen. Michael Warren
Age: 25-50 Sen. Michael Warren thinks he’s in charge of his own life, however his mother is certainly pulling all the strings. Once a gay man trying to live straight, meets and falls in love with Jodi Rae, a girl he hardly knows. He is totally smitten by her and ready to give it all up if necessary.

Dehlia Warren
Age: 25-60 Dehlia is from old money, power and privilege. She has helped to build her Sons career from the ground up. Has groomed him for the politics since he was a young lad. She is overbearing and controlling of every aspect of her life and all the people around her until she meets the infamous Jodi Rae.

Jody Freeman
Age: 30-50 Father to Jodi Rae and Lisa. He is controlling and obsessed with his new born daughter that resembles him, however begins to neglect the older child. He is a struggling musician who abandons his family while the girls are still young

Cindy Freeman
Age: 25-50
Mother to Jodi Rae and Lisa. She is passive, and mean and wont stand up to her controlling husband. However she does her best to hold her family together.

Lisa Freeman
Age: 5-10 She starving for attention that her father won’t give her.

Casting Calls Categories: TV Series Casting Calls
Audition Date: Aug 11 from 10- 2 pm
Project: Pretense, a television drama series that revolves around wealthy families and their secrets.
Casting Call Location: Tampa/Florida

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