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Casting Call for One hour Drama TV Show Pilot- The Urban Woman (Los Angeles, CA)

Ethnicity: African American/Black, Latino/Hispanic, Mixed: Any race mixed with Black. This is an ethnic Lesbian Show. Most of the characters are gay and lesbian. There are also some straight characters. Those names with two stars (**) next to them will have some physical contact (kissing, holding hands). Those with one star (*) are gay and lesbian characters, but will not have any physical contact. If you are homophobic, please do not submit.

**JORDAN African American. Female. Mid 20’s. Tom Boyish. Doesn’t dress like a female (NO dresses, skirts, tight pants.) Thin, toned. Photographer.

**SASHA African American. Female. Mid to late 20’s. Attorney. Jordan’s fiancée

**BRI African American. Female. Tomboy. Mid 30’s. Butchy. Professional Basketball player.

**NADIA African American. Female. Mid 20’s. Very attractive, always wears boots and heels. Never sneakers unless working out. Princess type. Works at Adult store.

**CASEY Caucasian. Female. Mid 20’s. Hood. Love being with sistas. (bartender)

**LATOYA African American. Female. Early 20’s. Bisexual. Fixed up ghetto. Has a lot of unresolved issues from the past. Doesn’t know how to face them, so she masks her feelings with drugs. Gogo dancer.

*DAIMON African American Male. Mid 30’s. Very handsome, straight looking guy. Only queenish around Sasha. Works at a Record Label.

*CHRIS Any race. Mixed race. Male. Mid to late 20’s. Tiffany’s long time boy friend. Bisexual. Down low male. Commercial Model.

STARR Caribbean Islander Female. Must have an accent, or be able to pull one off. Mid 40’s. Heterosexual. Although older, she loves to dance and party.

TIFFANY Any race. Female. Heterosexual. Into fashion. Works in high end Boutique. Chris’s long time girlfriend.

NANNA Caucasian. 50 & up. Must be able to pull off looking like a grandmother. Southern, but not religious. Non- judgmental. Sasha’s adopted mom. Walks with a cane.

**ANIYA African American/Hispanic Female. Late 20’s. Considered “Uppity”. Jordan’s first love. Airline flight attendant.

*GoGo dancers African American/hispanic /Mixed Race. Female.Age 26-33. Must have very nice and toned body. Stripper.

*TEE-TEE African American/Latino/Mixed. Female. Tomboy. Mid 20’s. Jordan’s old high school buddy..

*TEE-TEE’S GIRL Female. Any race. Mid to late 20’s.

*REGINA African American Female. Mid 40’s. Butchy. A hustler. Latoya’s mom.

*MYRA Any race. 28-35. Model Type. Regina’s girl.

MR. CHOC African American/Mixed Race. Male. Dark Brown complexion. 30’s & up. “Buff” with nice build. Porn star.

PASTOR African American Male. 35-55. Heterosexual. Reverend of a Baptist church.

LAMAR African American/Latino/Mixed Age 30 – 35. Heterosexual male. Broker

EXTRAS: Any race. Any age.

USHERS Need 2 African American Males. One older than the other.

Copy. Meals. IMDB Credit. Lots of fun at events. Possible recurring role on TV show.

Please email Headshots and Pictures
Please bring Pictures to Auditions

Thank you for you interest in the “Urban Woman.” We would like you to join us in the auditioning process. Please email your contact information.

Auditions Jan 23rd 12p- 5p
Smooth Sounds Studio
13649 Vanowen Street
Van Nuys, Ca 91405

Once again thanks for your interest in this production and we look forward to meeting you.





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