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Seeking actors and actresses for stage-play “Escape From Capture” – Philadelphia, PA

Project: “Escape From Capture”
Casting Calls Category: Theater
Location: Philadelphia, PA

Casting / Audition Details:

HarMageddo Entertainment is seeking actors and actresses for our upcoming stage-play Escape From Capture to take place in the Pittsburgh area.

Storyline-With the passage of The Fugitive Slave Law of 1850 any Negro suspected of being a runaway could be returned to slavery. This also affected the lives of free blacks everywhere. One such person was Jemmy Northrup, free sailor in Philadelphia who is kidnapped and sold into slavery. After escaping off of a slave coffle Jemmy finds himself in Stono , South Carolina on a plantation with slaves from various points of origin. His stories of being free cause unrest and cause the slaves to want more than a life of servitude by any means!

We are seeking the following:

Ceaser- Diminutive slave who assists slave traders in transporting Negroes to the South. ( 20’s-30’s )

David Walker- Negro Prisoner ( 20’s-30’s)

Tacky-Belligerent British West Indian born slave. Most of this actor’s dialogue is spoken in a creole so the actor must be able to speak with a Caribbean accent. (20’s-30’s )

Jazz-Gullah born slave. Most of this character’s dialogue is spoken in the Gullah language. A Gullah accent is similar to a Caribbean accent, so this actress must be able to speak with Caribbean/Gullah Accent. ( 20’s-30’s )

Speaker- Black female, who will adress the audience. Experience in African dance is a plus. ( 20’s-30’s )

Mr. Bucannon- Notorious slave trader responsible for tracking down Jemmy. (30’s )

Master Hoyt-Owner of the Hutchinson place, where the slave rebellion takes place. (30’s )

Renty- Black slave driver on Calhoun Farm. (30’s )

Samson-Rebellious field hand on Calhoun Farm. (20’s-30’s )

Tomba- Rebellious field hand Calhoun Farm. (20’s-30’s )

Mr. Ruttledge-Charleston gentlemen visiting Hutchinson Place. (30’s )

Mr. Johnson-Charleston gentlemen visiting Hutchinson Place. (30’s )

Mr. Calhoun- Neighboring slave owner. Master to Renty, Tomba and Samson. (30’s )

Casting Calls Categories: Theater Casting Calls
Audition Date: TBD
Project: “Escape From Capture”
Location: Philadelphia, PA

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