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Hilarious Stageplay Seeking Actors & Actresses (Atlanta, GA)

Casting Call Details:
Purpose By Design, a subsidiary of The ArtLife Group, is looking to cast talented actors/actresses in several roles for the entertaining stageplay, “Complicated Melody”. Complicated Melody is a drama/comedy that centers on a love triangle involving a man (Jason) who can’t seem to tear away from an old love (Michelle) while also being drawn towards a new love (Tori). Is there any way for one man to keep two women happy? How can he choose between the controlling and manipulative Michelle who always seems to pull him closer just when he’s ready to pull away and the outgoing and eccentric Tori who grabs a hold of all of his mind but only half of his heart. This story is promised to make you see all three points of a love triangle & all of the sharp edges that come along with it. As with any love triangle, when one becomes aware of the other, there will be drama, twists, turns, & fireworks, with Jason all caught up in between.

The available Roles (along with descriptions) are:

**Jason: African-American male. Early to Mid 20’s. Professional and clean-cut. All around nice guy with a good sense of humor. Wants love and happiness but is going about it all the wrong ways.

**Tori: African-American female. Early to Mid 20’s. Jason’s new love interest. An “artsy” type who’s very silly and uses her humor as a defense mechanism whenever she’s in an uncomfortable situation. Tori is a waitress by day and a singer/musician by night. Must be able to sing. The ability to play the guitar is a preference but not a requirement.

**Michelle: African-American female. Early to Mid 20’s. Jason’s Ex. Personality comes across as self-centered, manipulative, and materialistic. Has a softer side deep down but can’t ever show it due to superficial exterior.

**Charles: Jason’s best friend. Early to Mid 20’s. Supportive friend who manages to always find humor in everything.

**Connie: Tori’s friend and co-worker. Mid to Early 30’s. Supportive friend who comes across as a little sassy but is always willing to lend valuable advice to her friend.

**Devin: Michelle’s current boyfriend and the one she cheated on Jason with. Early to mid 20’s. Very cocky and ill-mannered person who feels no guilt for being in the middle of breaking up Jason and Michelle’s relationship.

Scheduled auditions will be held Saturday, Feb 4th and will consist of reading from the script as well as an optional actor-prepared monologue (2 minutes or less). For an appointment time and specific location, please send us your contact information along with a picture & the role you feel best fits you. Once we receive your submission, we will reply back with the following:

1. Audition appointment time. 2. Audition Sides for the role you’re most interested in. 3. A promo flyer for the “Complicated Melody” Stageplay.

This is a non-paying opportunity but offers valuable exposure, experience, and credit. As the show gains momentum and tours, compensation will definitely be an option. We have already secured a facility for the stageplay’s premiere. All we are looking for now are talented, dependable, and dedicated actors/actresses to bring these characters to life.

Don’t miss out on this EXCELLENT opportunity! Contact us TODAY!!

Casting Calls Categories: Theater Casting Calls
Audition Date: February 4th, 2012
Project: Hilarious Stageplay Seeking Actors & Actresses
Location: Atlanta, GA

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