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Casting male and female theater performers for “Last Chance” – Greensboro, NC

“Up on the mound down two strikes and the third one awakes you and all your dreams has failed and this is the “Last Chance” to swing life’s journey out of the most ultimate premonition of demise back to freedom of believing and receiving!”

Tyronda Promise’s synopsis
•Tyronda 27 year old black female therapist with a unique classy style. Her style is like no other which she brightens up the room with the color of her shoes or the size of her purse. There is always something that stands out on Tyronda which draws curious attention to her. She gives off the impression that she is someone important to listen to or see. She wears her hair long and her cloths are fitting but not tight.

Character Traits: Mellow singer, renewed, happy, focus, adore, sexy, free, in love, and a believer.

Chanel Parker’s synopsis
•Chanel 27 year old black female who has a very trendy style with a bit of spiteful taste. She is original from her hair to her cloths all the way down to her shoes! She loves her cloths to cling to her body with nothing drooping unless it’s her earrings. She loves to accessorize from bags to bangles. Her attire sometimes doesn’t complement with the environment because of her edgy nonchalant attitude. Her style is a cover-up of how she really feels on the inside. Her speech is a bit jargon with rude outburst within conversations. Chanel lives in her imaginary world as the broke ghetto princess that she is.

Character Traits: promiscuous, alcoholic, pothead, vengeful, and cold hearted.

Tonya Jones Synopsis-
•Tonya 25 year old black female with a subtle attitude with life who is a very humorous person. Tonya can surface her tuff girl street smarts when she feels her life or family being threaten. Her style is more of a cause she loves wearing her jeans with baby-doll tops/baby tees flip flops on any given day. She is not a stilettos everyday kind of chic only on special occasions when she goes out with her husband. She is very low maintenance but in a cute stylish way. She does keep her hair well manage with light makeup which she prefers a gloss vs. lipstick.

Character Traits 1st Half: simple, caretaker, subtle and unmotivated.

(Mother) Delores’s Synopsis
•Mother of Tyronda and Aunt of Nicola very witty late 50’s mother who cares dearly for her child. Single mother who lost her husband to the system. Homemaker, hilarious, Feisty and somewhat religious. Her style is sharp, neat and she wears her hair shoulder length. Also a smoker.

Character Traits: courageous, passionate, confident, happy, energetic, and hilarious.

Tyrone Chancellor’s Synopsis
•Tyrone 27 year old black male fresh out of prison with an attitude of the world owes him something. An atheist who lost his faith in prison who believes that destiny doesn’t exist. Clean cut guy who has a sleek casual style. He has a sexy edgy look with low cut fade.

Character Traits: hopeless, atheist, cunninglair, and pessimistic.

Carlos HighSmith’s Synopsis
•Carlos 35 year old black male who lives in shelter for men part of parole from prison. He’s wise and mature and has a new outlook on life. He dresses neat and recently found God in prison and trying to hold onto his faith while trying to discover a new life and new meaning. He wears his hair cut close no mustache goatee.

Character Traits: appealing, forgiving, loving, hopeful, optimistic, fulfilled and humble.

Bobby Suite’s Synopsis
•Bobby 25 year old black male who is prone to mess up immature fresh out of prison lives in shelter. Lives his life carelessly because he wants to be somebody who he’s not a street hustler. Skinny tall frame clean cut guy with close hair cut. Very hilarious and a little flamboyant.

Character Traits: hilarious, silly, careless and ignorant.

Nicola Sinya Spencer

She is a 28 year old military brat who is a magazine editor who is very strong minded intelligent independent woman. Very analytical who lives in her own little perfect world and has a way of extracting information from others. She is fashionable, social minded, attractive, secretive. She is very talented in many ways but focus on perfecting herself to the best of her ability. .
•Medium height slender body.
•Hair dark in color.






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