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Casting Call for Male & Female Actors

We are in the process of casting the leads and supportive cast for an upcoming Independent Romantic/Drama, through Legendary-Lobos Films and Briaton, LC, slated for production June, 2009 for approximately 2-3 weeks max. Auditions will be set this week for the weeks of May 18-22 and May 25-29. Below is a description of characters for the principle roles on this project. This project is a Non-SAG production set for a theatrical release later this year (TBA). Production on this project will be shot in Los Angeles and vicinity. Rates and contracts will be discussed upon confirmation of casting your client(s). Please feel free to contact me directly with any further inquires. All submissions (Pictures, Resumes, Letters of Interest, etc) should be forwarded to the following address: LegendaryLobosFilms@Gmail.com.

Lead / Male / Hispanic or Latin descent / 18 – 26 years old
Character Description: The love interest as well as the male lead of the film. He’s a Latin guy that came from a poor background, just like lead girl, but he was able to make it out of his surroundings and become someone well respected in the film industry. He’s rich, confident, successful, and good looking, but is missing the most important part of his life, his high school sweetheart and best friend, Ariana (co-star). So no matter how great his life is, it’s always empty.

Lead / Female / Caucasian or Euro descent / 18 – 26 years old

Character Description: Ariana is a girl who’s lost in life. She’s the most beautiful girl, without comparison, wherever she goes. However, that’s all she has because she doesn’t know she has any other options. She has an amazing heart, and because of it she is stuck in a situation most people will never understand in this me-first society. Many young women will be able to relate to her struggles because she’s trying to do the best for her family with what she’s been given, a gift to dance. She’s a character that’s from the South, (Texas specifically) raised in a poor environment. She’s an intelligent, loving, wholesome, religious girl that gets thrown off the right path in life when she loses the love of her life and best friend, Angelo, (figuratively; he leaves to make something of himself) who was her constant support. She ends up getting a false sense of security dating a cocky immature guy, Derek, who has a little money, who so happened to be the childhood best friend of the guy she truly loved, Angelo. This guy veers Ariana to the wrong places in life and gets her deep into drugs, while working as an exotic dancer, yet she never loses sight of who she really is.

The majority actually view women who are erotic dancers as distasteful, promiscuous, and whorelike. Although this character is confused and feels as though she has a meaningless life, she is a very strong young lady. She doesn’t give into temptation by giving up the only thing that makes her special and pure: her virginity. Today’s youth sees sex everywhere in magazines, TV, etc. As a filmmaker, we’re focused on showing this same group, through the use of an exotic dancer and a dark theme, that true love still exists. We want them to see that there’s more to life than just having sex with random people. We want to show that sex can be held sacred until they reach that point in their adulthood when they find the special someone who sees their true value and shows it through respect and honesty.

Ariana’s victory in the game of love can be life changing for millions of young women around the world bound by a life only held because of a lack of knowledge, or self worth, as well as financial resources.

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Contact: LegendaryLobosFilms@Gmail.com

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