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Auditions for “Skeletons In My Closet” Play – Atlanta, GA

Casting Call Details:
A spellbinding stage-play is about a sharp-dressing, charismatic figure named Jermaine Jackson who finds it hard to practice what he preaches. Faced with temptation, betrayal, and revenge, the skeletons in his closet get loose and hunt him down. When what is in the dark finally comes to light, tragedy, mayhem, and scandal befalls


1.Pastor Germain Jackson
Short in statue. Tall in persona. Must be able to give 2 Charismatic speeches and show range in emotions.

2.Sherese Jackson (Married to Germain)
Taller than Germain. Beautiful preachers’ wife look. More successful in the real world than her husband.

3.Victoria: (Sherese Sister and married to Sly)
Sexy. Seductive. Revengeful. Bad girl. Jealous of her sister family success.

4. Sly (Married to Victoria and childhood friends with Germain)
Muscular Shape. Married to Victoria. Bad guy turn good. Best friends with Germain. Unemployed because of his past. Always approaching Germain with a business proposal.

5.Dean (Troy’s cousin and lives with him and his wife)
Comedic character. Must be able to sing. Afraid of commitment

Dean’s Girlfriend, Ready for marriage. Not afraid to speak her mind and bump heads with Deans Mother all the time.

7.MS. Pierre
Deans Grand Mother. Always drunk, but makes a lot sense when she speaks…… most of the time.

Pastor’s business adviser turned con man.

Casting Calls Categories: Theater Casting Calls / Lead Roles Casting Calls
Audition Date: 6/26-7/26
Project: Auditions for Skeletons In My Closet Play
Casting Call Location: Atlanta, GA

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