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Auditions for “Dear Brutus” in Greenport, New York

Casting Call Details:
Project: “Dear Brutus”
Location: Greenport, NY

Sunday, January 25 & Monday January 26th, 2015 @ 7:00PM at Holy Trinity Church,
768 Main Street, Greenport, NY

Holy Trinity Church, 768 Main Street, Greenport,
April 10,11 &12, and 17th, 18th and 19th
7:00PM Fri, Sat nights and 5:00PM Sundays

8 guests are invited to gather at the home of Lob. They are trying to understand why. Soon the butler reveals that there may have been some mischief in mind by their host and warns them to avoid “the woods”. This peaks their curiosity and eventually they cannot control their curiosity any longer and decide to go for a walk! Once in the woods they find that there life is very different from their current one and they have a chance to live out their dreams. In the end they each find their way back to Lob’s house and regain full memory of what just happened.

Mrs. Coade: 50 or older (Coady as she is familiarly called) Nicest of the guests. Mr. Coade’s 2nd wife (his first is deceased). She is a happy person, and lets her husband treat her as if she had problems with her foot (as his first wife did). He often confuses them and brings Mrs. Coade a stool for her to rest her foot.

Mrs. Dearth: late 30s- early 50s (also called “The Dearth” or “Alice Dearth”) – She has a “Smouldering eye”, sharp eye with fierce desires, husky voice, most beautiful when she is sullen.

Mrs. Purdie: (Mable) 30s – late 40s – safe companion for the toddling kind of man. Soft and pleading, and would seek what she wants by laying her head on the loved ones shoulder (whereas Mrs. Dearth might do so with a pistol).

Joanna Trout: 30s – late 40s. Mr. Purdie’s Lover in 1st act, Mr. Purdie’s wife in the 2nd act.

Caroline Laney: Late 20s – early 30s. Single, poised, attractive, went to select school and groomed for matrimonial success with a man of means.

Matey: 30s – 60s. Butler whose honesty is questionable. Could have been a clerk but turned down that offer years ago and went into domestic service.

Lob: Very old- yet ageless – Host of this mysterious gathering. Light as a feather. Can be male or female actor. References to him being like “Puck” in “Midsummer Night’s Dream”.

Mr. Coade: 50s or older, sweet pippin of a man with a smile for all. Fidgets like one that would be elsewhere. Had meant and wanted to study the Feudal system years ago, but never started.

Mr. Purdie: Late 30s –early 60. Most brilliant of the company. Notable in debate at Oxford, where he was runner-up for the president of the Union and only lost it because the other man was less brilliant.

Mr. Dearth: 40s- early 60s – A relic of what once was a good man, brandy sometimes in hand and visions of the young Will Dearth as he used to be singing at his easel or fishing rod in hand.

Margaret: Under 20 – Daughter to Will Dearth

Please bring a headshot & resume if you have one.
Auditions will be cold readings from the script. No monologue necessary.

Project: “Dear Brutus”
Location: Greenport, New York
Audition Date: Sunday, January 25 & Monday January 26th
Casting Categories: Lead Roles / Theater

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