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Seeking actors for short film “Love Hate Relationships”

Project: Short Film “Love Hate Relationships”
A short film about two people who were meant for each other but just had to find a way to be happy together..
Director: Ronak Shah
Casting director: Tina Kant
Interview Dates: by appt
Shoot: Late July/early August
Location: A diner in Central New Jersey.

Seeking two characters (union/non-union):

[Amar] Mid-twenties male, 5 feet 8 – 5 feet 11, lean build, can look nerdy, Seeking South Asian (Indian) talent ONLY.
He is soft-spoken and sensitive – is an ideal fit to the saying ‘nice guys finish last’. Having had only one relationship until he met this girl, Aditi (generally because girls hadn’t liked him back) he took their relationship very seriously. He put his all into it and believed that she was the ‘one’. Much to his disappointment, he repeatedly got his heart broken by her and was caught in this tumultuous vicious cycle for about two years.
He is meeting this girl after six months to break the news that he is finally moving on.

[Aditi] Mid-twenties, beautiful, Also seeking South-Asian (Indian) talent ONLY.
She is strong minded, egotistical but kind-hearted. The kind of intriguing woman who always seems to have something on her mind.
Having very unexpectedly found what she had always wanted in Amar at the age of 21, she reacted with fear because they had gotten emotionally close so quickly. Did a 180 at the idea of commitment. The more he pushed, the more she backed away until the point of not just being mean, but painfully hurtful. Until one day, when he said that’s enough. She now deeply regrets letting what could have been the ”love of her life” slip right through her fingers.
Aditi is coming to this diner with a secret hope that he could give they had another honest chance.

Contact: lovehate.relationships@gmail.com

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