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Casting new Reality TV series on Fine Living Netwotk

We’re casting for a new Reality TV series on FLN (Fine Living Network) and we’re looking for males and females between 25-40 that are young, hip, social…and complete TOOLS.

HOW THIS WORKS: You and your friends nominate a friend with ‘toolish’ behaviors (but don’t let them know about it) and tell us why you think they need to be busted on national TV. Then, we’ll give the Tool some “social-schooling.”

WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR: Friends, Co-workers, Significant others, your boss, loved ones, second cousins. Anyone who YOU’D LIKE TO “enlighten” on his or her TOOLISH-WAYS

Game Killers – Control Freaks – One-Uppers – Mama’s Boy/Daddy’s Girl – Debbie Downers – That “Can’t Live Without Each Other” Couple – Suck-Ups – Trendsters – That Guy/Girl – etc…

Send a brief but descriptive email to dprealitycasting@gmail.com

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