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Seeking Female Spokesmodels for Soda promotion

TAMPA, FLORIDA & Surroundings; Seeking Female Spokesmodels for Soda promotion.
The sampling event will be taking place for a 30-day period at all the gas stations in Tampa.

We are looking for spokesmodels to sample 1 – 3 days during the week (for a 2 – 3 hour period) and on the weekends (Saturday and Sunday somewhere around mid-day). The sampling will involve the Female Spokesmodels (lightly) setting up the store with posters and POS material, handing out samples, talking about the product and collecting contact information.

Largest retail-brand beverage manufacturer in the world operating in over 60 countries,seeks FEMALE Spokesmodels to represent their brand at gasoline filling stations thoughout Tampa and surrounding areas in Florida!

DATES: This promotion goes for 30 days and is almost daily for 2 to 3 hours per day in early to mid afternoon.


Start Date: June 3, 2008.

PAY: $16.00 per hr.

Please dont just send your weblink. We won’t forward it to our clients
who will make the choice. You must ALSO include jpg pictures and
attachments or embedded in the email. Resume must be TEXT ONLY and
INSIDE the actual email, NOT ATTACHMENT!!!
Please send jpg pictures to info@affinitytalent.com ; and title your
email “”TAMPA HAIR MODEL” (your name)
(your name)(your city)(your phones)

If your email bounces because your pictures are too large, just send an
email asking for our email address (with same title “TAMPA HAIR MODEL SPOKESMODEL” (your name)(your city)(your phones)

If you send your pictures in any kind of ZIP, tif, bmp, pps, MSWORD
format, your pictures will not be seen.

Please indicate your distance in MILES, not MINUTES to the city you
are interested in working.
You must be within 50 miles of the job!
You must tell us how old your pics are! Please be sure to include your
full name, phones, address!

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