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Casting call for non-union independent film “Speak For The Dead” (Atlanta, GA)

Production Title: Speak For The Dead

Studio/Independent/Student: Independent

Production Company: Pyramid Pictures
Union/Non-Union: Non-Union

Paid/Non-Paid: Paid ($50/day)
Additional Compensation: Craft Services Provided, DVD Copy of Completed Work
Project Type: Filming Selected Scenes
Format: HD

Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Producers: Donnie Leapheart, Rodney Breedlove, Redd Claiborne
Production Start Date: February 27, 2010
Shooting Schedule: 2 days
Production Wrap Date: February 28, 2010
Audition Details: February 04, 2009

 Email Headshot/resume. If selected, we will contact you to set up an audition appointment for February 04, 2010.


Using otherworldly methods, the skeptic Nathan Flinn has only three days to find and save six-year-old Sydney Caruth, his ex-wife’s daughter recently abducted by a serial killer. This supernatural thriller, Speak For The Dead, features an intricately woven plot, twists & turns, diverse characters and an ending that will blow audiences away. We will be filming three scenes from the screenplay.

Character Breakdowns:

[NATHAN FLINN] – [Late 20s/early 30s Male] Clean-cut, attractive African American with a sarcastic sense of humor. Charismatic yet withdrawn. Wouldn’t be accused of being a tough guy, but can hold his own if pushed hard enough. His Ex-Wife resurfaces with her new wealthy husband, the man she cheated on him with during his drinking problem. He’s reluctantly tasked to help them find their 6-yr-old daughter, thought to be abducted by a recent serial murderer. Submit African American Only.

[TONI GRESHAM] – [20s/early 30s Female] Gentle, sexy, compassionate woman. Thinks of others before herself. Educated and inquisitive. She’s subtlety emotive through her eyes. Having lost her mother as a child, her own emotions were shut down. As a consequence, she developed the keen ability to sense emotions in others. Can be Black, Hispanic/Latin, Asian.

[JACOB CROSS] – [40s Male] Self-satisfied former low-level “celebrity” that has been forced into obscurity due to a public disgrace. Smug and arrogant at times. Funny in an irreverent, edgy way. Uses humor to mask insecurities. He claims to have visions/flashes of the future. This gift makes him either half crazy or half depressed most of the time. Submit Caucasian Only.

[ASHLEY CARUTH] – [Late 20s/early 30s Female] Distraught beautiful young mother of kidnapped daughter. She tries to hold herself together while managing to keep her current husband and Ex-husband from killing one another. Submit Caucasian Only.

[KEVIN CARUTH] – [Late 20s/early 30s Male] Tall Pro Basketball Player, father of kidnapped daughter. Frustrated and upset with the lack of progress in finding her, he angrily shows his displeasure constantly. Doesn’t trust his wife’s Ex-husband but feels he’s their last hope. Submit African American only.

[LADY GLORIA] – [55-70 yrs] A sweet, southern grandmotherly type. A psychic medium that seems to be able to hear the voices of those that have passed on. She’s an important character and the main catalyst for the events in the film. Submit all ethnicities.

Production Company Information:

*Film/Production Company Website: www.PyramidPicturesOnline.com

Pyramid Pictures, LLC is a film & video production company based out of Atlanta, GA. The company provides product in all forms of production media including feature-films and content for television. Credits include independent feature films, TV shows, commercials and docs for VH1, BET, Atlantic Records, Universal Music, QD3 Entertainment, Macy’s and others. The company most recently worked on The 2009 Soul Train Awards for BET and the new CENTRIC Network.





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