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Casting call for feature film “Born & Raised”

BORN & RAISED – Casting Call/Character Breakdown
PROJECT – Born & Raised
CASTING CALL – Non-Union Independent Feature Film
LOCATION – In and around Panama City Beach, FLORIDA
WHEN – November 2009
PAY – No/Low/Negotiable

SYNOPSIS – Jerry-Rigged Films is seeking submissions for the No Budget Independent Feature Film Born & Raised – the story of a young man, in the blue-collar south, who finds his way with the help of his well-traveled, outlaw of a grandfather and the multicultural community of family and friends that surround them.

Simply put, we are a No Budget Feature Film. Good news, this is an amazing project with a screenplay work-shopped through the Miami Filmmaker Project’s Screenwriter Lab (as well as receiving kudos from numerous prominent screenwriting competitions). This isn’t some low-brow, cranked out, run-of-the-mill, genre film. This is a feature that, if executed correctly, has serious Sundance potential. This film also boasts “meaty” roles for an ethnically diverse, ensemble cast in a multitude of age groups.

For more info visit our website: www.bornandraisedmovie.com

FRANK – (65+, Caucasian) Older version of Jimmy Buffett. Modern day pirate, womanizer, troublemaker, drug-smuggler, drinker, outlaw. Happy, comical, optimistic approach to life. Big personality. Has lived aboard his sailboat for most of his adult life, traveling throughout the Caribbean, making ends meet through all of the wrong endeavors. Deadbeat father to his daughter, Mary (below; estranged for 20+ years), but, oddly enough, has a solid relationship with his Grandson (Bubbs; who’s in his mid-twenties). Notes – Heavy dialogue, good comic timing, some physicality. LEAD ROLE IN ENSEMBLE.

MARY – (40’s-50’s, Caucasian) Tough, southern, single Mom. Abandonment issues, overly protective. Is happy when her son (Bubbs; mid-twenties) is. Bubbs still lives at home, with her, for her benefit. Frank’s estranged daughter, haven’t spoken in 20+ years. Owns and runs a local Bait & Tackle Shop with an almost “Barbershop” vibe. Note – Struggles with quitting smoking throughout the film, must be able to pull this off if non-smoker. LEAD ROLE IN ENSEMBLE.

KENNY – (20’s-early 30’s, African-American) Handsome in a “working-class,” small town, sort of way. Player, athletic, energetic, funny and loyal friend. Works with his father in a “blue-collar” job, but lives for his time off. Best friends with Mary’s son, Bubbs. Son of his single father, Jim. Brother to his younger sister, Corey. Mother was never in the picture. Notes – Heavy dialogue, good comic timing, physicality (basketball game). LEAD ROLE IN ENSEMBLE.

COREY – (20’s-early 30’s, African-American) Pretty in that rough and tumble, raised by men sort of way. Not inherently “girly.” Can hold her own with anyone, independent. Bartends at a local Dive Bar, used to dealing with society’s deadbeats. Love interest to Bubbs. Younger sister to Kenny, daughter to Jim. Again, mother was never in the picture. Notes – Some physicality (confrontation), love scene, possible partial nudity. LEAD ROLE IN ENSEMBLE.

JIM – (40’s-50’s, African-American) Built like a truck, heart of gold. Solid as a rock – both physically and mentally. A quiet leader. The only one with a level head, when drama surrounds. Without the benefit of higher learning, he’s wise in “life lessons.” Works a “blue-collar” job, with his son Kenny. Father to Corey, as well. Neighbor, confidante and possibly more to Mary. 32 Lines & 1 Speech, 17 Scenes.

GRANT – (40’s-50’s, Caucasian) A man’s man – tough, gruff, serious, hard working, only speaks when necessary. Leads by example. Dock Master of the local, small town Marina. Is his own boss and Bubbs’s since Bubbs was a teenager. Cares about Bubbs in an almost “surrogate father” sort of way, but would never say this aloud. Through Bubbs, gets tangled into Mary and Frank’s drama. 30 Lines & 1 Speech, 12 Scenes.

GARY – (40’s-50’s, Caucasian) Unemployed wiseass. Instigator. Permanent resident/punching bag at Mary’s Bait & Tackle Shop. When everyone else goes right, he goes left – just ‘cause. Notes – Smokes throughout the entirety of the film. Some physicality, getting picked on (lightly pushed, etc.). 26 Lines, 11 Scenes.

JESS – (20’s-early 30’s, Caucasian) “Small town” hot. Bubbs’s high school girlfriend, who dumps him, breaks his heart. Been looking for her “ticket out” of this town for as long as she can remember. Notes – Though she’s not in many scenes, her character is vitally important. 26 Lines & 2 Speeches, 7 Scenes.

ROB – (60+, Caucasian) Retired, wealthy. Has sold everything and now lives on his nice, shiny new motor boat. Frank’s Marina slip neighbor, Millie’s (below) fiancé. Due to Frank’s continuous flirtations with Millie, has grown to despise Frank. The two have serious beef with one another. Notes – Some physicality, “old man fight” (throw one punch, juvenile pushing, etc.) 22 Lines & 1 Speech, 7 Scenes.

MILLIE – (60+, Caucasian) Still a looker in that former “southern belle” sort of way. Rob’s fiancé, Frank’s love interest. Is with Rob due to Frank’s long absences, but, truth be told, secretly prefers Frank and his “outlaw” antics. 14 Lines & 1 Speech, 11 Scenes.

HAYES – (20’s-early 30’s, African-American) Shady, scary. Corey’s ex-boyfriend, with a “dark side.” Notes – Much physicality: one, long intense fight scene. 8 Lines, 13 Scenes.

JOE – (20’s-30’s, Caucasian) Bartender at the Local’s Bar. Big fish in a small pond. Does well with the ladies that drink at his establishment, greedy in this sense. Friends with Bubbs and Kenny from High School. 10 Lines, 8 Scenes.

MR. BROWNLEE (60+, African-American) – Staple at the Dive Bar that Corey bartends at. Alcoholic, but not a “bad one.” Cares about Corey because of the sheer amount of time the two have spent together. Continuously offers up his “two cents,” that, more often than not, go unappreciated. Drink of choice – whiskey. 10 Lines, 6 Scenes.





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