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Actors and actresses needed for short independent film

Flipbook Productions is currently working on its 2nd short film entitled “Beat-less.” The script was written by Tam Nguyen and the finished film will be about 10 minutes in length. Auditions will be held in Boston on June 16th and June 18th from 1pm – 5pm. The film is set to shoot on the weekend of July 24th.
“Beat-less” is about a young man named Damien who finds employment in an unusual area – he cleans up crime scenes for criminals so they don’t get caught. The film centers around one particular murder that the police caught Damien cleaning up. Deacon, a detective assigned to the case, interrogates Damien in an attempt to force a confession. Instead, Deacon explores Damien’s past and discovers a story of lost love that has burdened him since he was a boy.
Damien: Early 30s – Caucasian – Male – About 30 lines of dialogue
Deacon: Mid 40s – Caucasian – Male – About 15 lines of dialogue
Sarah: Early 30s – Caucasian – Female – No lines of dialogue, must act terrified for final climactic scene of film
Young Damien: 16 years old – Caucasian – Male – About 6 lines of dialogue
Young Sarah: 16 years old – Caucasian – Female – About 8 lines of dialogue
This is a non-union, non-paying acting job. Only actors and actresses who are not affiliated with a union and are prepared to contribute their talents on a strictly volunteer basis should apply.
For more information, please email us at flipbookproductions@gmail.com with a copy of your resume and the character you would like to audition for.

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