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MTV Mock Trial: Take your teenage dispute to a celebrity judge for resolution

Let MTV take care of things the old-fashioned way – IN COURT!!! What seems petty to one may be devastating to another. Let MTV be the judge!!! Mock Trial will hear your dispute, have someone help you present your case – and a celebrity judge will decide who is in the wrong.

Ever wish there was a professional way to settle your teenage drama? How bad do you want to sue your friend or foe over a recent wrongdoing?

We’re interested in hearing all kinds of stories! For example: Do you have a friend that always borrows money and never pays you back? Did someone start a rumor about you that has had lasting effects? Did someone bring uninvited guests to your party who trashed your home or disrespected you? Did someone take more credit on a group project than they should have? Did an ex vandalize your property, like keying your car? Have you been defamed on-line by someone in your school?

If your recent ‘falling out’ deserves its day in court — then email us!!! You MUST be in school, have a great personality and have a real dispute that you need settled with a friend, teammate or foe. NY, NJ, CT and PA residents ENCOURAGED to apply. You must appear to be between the ages of 16 and 20.

Please send A PHOTO OF YOURSELF and the below info. The more details you can provide us, the better!

Your Name, Phone Number and Email Address
Your School/Location/ City/State

What is the dispute at hand? Give DETAILS (where and when the incident took place, who the other person involved is and what your relation to that person is, why it’s a big deal to you, whether or not it’s a big deal to the other person, what you would hope to get out of the experience of taking this person to court, etc.).

Do you have witnesses or other people who have an opinion on the matter? Who? How are they involved? What did they see or hear? Again, please give details.

Why do you think you and your story would be great for the show? Why should we cast you?

THANKS!!! We look forward to hearing from you.


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