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Casting Teens for New Web Series “Dreams” (Atlanta, GA)

Casting Information:

Are you an aspiring actor/actress? Do you have a video camera/green screen/computer mic?
Are you a writer? Have you ever wanted to write for a show?
If you answered any of these questions yes, then this project could be for you!

Visions of Fame productions are currently casting for a new web-series called Dreams.
Dreams, is a show about 4 teenagers aspiring to become the next big thing in the entertainment world. The show takes place at the Donohough School of Performing Arts where Bradley, Mischa, Alec, and Tara, the 4 main characters, dream of stardom. The show focuses on the trials and tribulations of being a teenager in a dog eat dog industry.
Here is where the interesting part comes in. Each actor will be able to film there scenes at home on a green screen. We will then take each actors footage, edit it all together, and a show will be born. This is a non paying job, but it will be great experience, and could help you become a global star! We are looking to start filming at the beginning of January 2010 and plan on doing a full season to see how things go. There will be press and promotion for the show, so you must have a flexible schedule. Green Screen’s are a must, plus you have to have a decent camera.

Character Breakdowns:

Bradley Oaks-(15-18) Bradley is an aspiring actor who lets no one get in his way. He is determined to be the next big thing. He must deal with the pressures of auditions, call backs, and rejection. Besides having to deal with the pressures of the entertainment industry, he also has to face the difficulties of being a teenager.

Mischa Pearson- (15-18) Mischa is the quintessential Drama Queen. She is the triple threat of Donohough Performing Art’s and won’t let anyone forget it. She never cracks under pressure and always seems to have it together, but there is a dark side to this Miley wannabee.

Alec Anderson- (15-18) Alec is a singer who dreams of making it big like his idols. He is constantly going to open mic nights and performing for anyone who will listen. He is determined to take it as far as it will go, but there will be bumps along the way for this soulful songbird.

Tara McCormick- (15-18) Tara is the graceful dancer of the group. She has been dancing since she could walk and dreams of dancing with companies such as complexions. She tends to obsess over the little things and doesn’t get the big picture. Tara has a very tender heart and loves her friends. But when she notices some competition her tender heart becomes cold very quickly.

Audition Rules:

Email Us: a link to a video of you telling us about yourself on the green screen. If we consider you for the show, we will contact you with further information. This is a show for teens by teens. We are very serious and plan to make the show fantastic. Only submit if you are 100% serious.

If you would like to write or audition for Dreams, please contact us.





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