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Denver, CO Casting Calls: Open Casting Call for Upcoming Indie Film

Casting Call Details:
There is an open casting call for a student lead indie film production. We are casting all races of every gender ages 9-50 yrs old. If interested please contact me to schedule an audition and more information regarding the project. If you do not schedule an audition we will still try and fit you in, but those with appointments will be given priority.

This is a volunteer opportunity for cast and crew, and that the actors will not be compensated. I apologize if that compromises your interest. If, however, you are still interested I would be very pleased to have an audition and interview with you.

This movie is mostly a student lead production. The script itself has been written by me, and the actual film will be directed by my associate Kristin Brown. The story behind this production is very much a love story surrounding a biracial relationship between two college students. The setting takes place a few years after the tragedy of 9/11 and just a few months after US troops were sent to Iraq. The setting is important because the female protagonist is Middle Eastern and much of the drama surrounding the couple arises from racism that has sparked up from the media coverage of terrorism and the war on terror.

We are looking to cast many roles, either speaking or not speaking. Below is a list of major/minor characters and their descriptions.

SHIRIN JAFFARI- 30+ years old, Middle Eastern Muslim mother with very traditional values, a little light Farsi will be required for this role; however, it is not required that the actress know the language beforehand.

NOUSHIN – Young woman(no particular age), Middle Eastern Muslim, this character is a little nosy and sometimes comes off as rude. Again, a little light Farsi will be required for this role.

SAMSON HARRIS – 40+ years old, White American father, this character pays very close to the politics, and is very opinionated.

ROSE HARRIS – 40+ years old, White American mother, can be described as very sweet; however, does not like to be disagreed with, and is easily offended.

MADDISON HARRIS – Young girl (age 9-17 years old), White American daughter, very inquisitive.

MASON HARRIS – 18 – 25 years old, White American male protagonist. This character is the other half of the biracial couple. Very open-minded; however this character goes through a personal struggle/journey for the entire film.

SHAWN – 17-25 years old, White American male, best friend to MASON HARRIS. This character is often times very rude and comes off as ignorant, but some light comedy is required for this role.

ANDREW – 17-25 years old, any race, friend to MASON HARRIS. This character is somewhat shy. Some light comedy is required for this role.

JEFFERY – 17-25 years old, any race male, friend to MASON HARRIS. This character is often times very rude and comes off as a ladies man. Some light comedy is required for this role.

PROFESSOR MARK CARTER – 25+ years old, any race college professor. This character is very warm and welcoming, but much of what he says has multiple meanings, admired very much for his quality of teaching and guiding students.

We will be casting other speaking roles; however, those roles are considerably minimal in comparison to the major/minor roles listed above. Some light travel will be required of all the actors. We are looking for people who are very dedicated, but are still looking to have a good time making a beautiful piece of art. If still interested please contact me to schedule an audition and interview. You will be required to submit a resume and headshot at your audition. You do not have to come prepared. Your audition will be recorded.

We will also be holding more auditions in the Denver Metro area and the Fort Collins area in Colorado. If interested and cannot make an audition, please contact me to receive that information. Please call to schedule an appointment.

Farnaz Alimehri

Casting Calls Categories: Open Casting Calls / Independent Film Casting Calls
Audition Date: Saturday, July 2nd
Project: Open Casting Call Upcoming Indie Film
Location: Denver, CO

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