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Casting call for the low budget/independent film sequel “The Last Rendezvous 2 – Retribution” (Nashville area)

Faux Pas Films is currently casting for their new short film that is to be included in the upcoming feature film “Killer Shorts 2”, the follow up feature film to Killer Shorts.

Most roles have been filled but there are a couple of main roles that still need cast.
Many extras will also be needed for anyone wanting to be in the film.

Here are the available roles:

Samantha McNeil – This is the leading role for the film. An excellent opportunity to shine! Role demands are some kissing scenes and a brief fight scene. Since this is a recasting part from the first film, the look is very specific for the story. Here are the details:

Height: between 5’ and 5’5

Hair color: brown

Age: 21-29 must look around 24-25

Petite look …between 100-125 lbs

If you fit this description and want to act in a lead role, now is your chance!

Next role:

Willa – This is a very big supporting role that will be a lot of fun to play. Acting demands are some physical movements, a seductive look, and an emotional range. Here are the details:

Height: between 5’ and 5’7
Hair color: blonde or red
Age: 21-35
Petite look …between 100-135 lbs

These details can be negotiable

There will be plenty of room for Extras in the film as well, including Bar Patrons, Office Workers, and Grocery Shoppers. If you’d like to be in the background and see what it’s like behind the scenes of movie making, then come on and be a part of something special.

These roles are non-paying but are trade for IMDB credit, Reel, and DVD. It will be submitted to festivals after the entire feature is complete.

Samantha role will be a 5-6 day shoot. Willa role will be a 2-3 day shoot.
Extras will be a 1 day shoot of each location

Shooting will be in late Oct- early Nov
Location: Cookeville, TN

Directed by Michael Wade Johnson
Cinematography by Jacob Carr





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