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Casting Call for independent film “The Time is Right” – Chesapeake, VA

Casting Call for “The Time is Right”
Seeking Actors Age 7-60.
SAG membership not required.
Budget is limited. Low/No pay. Paid Meals. For Aspiring Talent This Project Will Give You Massive Exposure.
This Project is Dialogue Driven.Only Serious Need Apply. It’s Imperative The Lead Female & Lead Males Chosen Read The Novel of the Adapted Screenplay.
Project: The Time is Right
Shoot Location: CedarTree Inn & Suites, Chesapeake, Virginia
Audition Dates: December 18&19 2010
Submission: Head shots & Resumes
Contact: Anita Bracy

Story: A successful woman, with the help of her mentor and lawyer risks everything, her sanity being an unfortunate option, to conceal her past from an unexpected and unsuspecting new love. Her “keep it simple, but not stupid” mathematical skills made Asia D’arcy a Wall Street Wonder. Already wealthy from her late grandmother’s will, a haunting turn of events launched a new, even richer career, superstar author.


Asia D’arcy (32)-looks (22)-lead female-Stunningly Beautiful, Sexy, Exotic looking African American Female (38-24-36)
Brilliant businesswoman and author.Speaks several languages.Has a razor sharp mind and tongue.Stubborn.Fun.Can throw a fierce right or left hook.Always smiling, mostly to hide her pain&to keep others guessing.

Steven Mariziani (25)-lead male-Half Italian,Half African American- Very Handsome
Police officer, the quiet storm type.Shy.Protective&guarded.Wears heart on sleeve.But don’t take him lightly.

William Patrick Jennings (45)-lead male-African American-Billy Dee Williams-Extremely Handsome.
Asia’s male counterpart,best friend & mentor.Brilliant lawyer.Former basketball star.Speaks several different languages.Deadly smile.That’s when he’s most dangerous.Doesn’t suffer fools at all. Extremely protective of the ones he loves,especially Asia.

Ron Toombs (45)-lead male-African American-Very Handsome
William’s former sports rival, now lover of ten years.Former NFL Star Running Back, now successful sports agent.Was Asia’s neighbor when she was growing up.Her “Big Brother”.Serious,sometimes overly so. Very suspicious of newcomers to the circle of friends.Has a good heart w/good intentions.Although it doesn’t go as he plans.

L.A. (40)-lead male-African American-Very Handsome
Police Sgt and Steven’s partner and best friend.Always fun loving. Insitgating something and nosy.In good shape, but don’t come between him and his chocolate donuts.Will always have Steven’s back.Loves his lady,Lydia.

There are 61 SUPPORTING & SECONDARY ROLES:(Some of these characters have several lines,while others have one or two.Some roles The Male and Female OFF SCREEN VOICE OVERS can play on screen roles.)

Lydia James (39)-supporting role-female-African American-Nice Looking
Dr. and L.A. lady’s. and best pal from high school.Big Sister type.Funny. Has a sassy, but no nonsense nature.Goes toe to toe with L.A.

Adrian (40)-supporting role-male-African American-Handsome
William’s younger brother,confidante,and right hand man.(William’s “secret” Enforcer and head of security)Brilliant businessman and player on his off time. Owns several salons and nightclubs.Became a hair stylist and stripper only to meet women.But never to get caught by one.Or their husbands.

Lena (45)-secondary player-female- African American Asia’s older sister-Nice Looking
A minister’s wife.Conservative.Means well.

Dr. Kendall (60ish)-secondary player-female-African American-Asia’s Mother-Nice Looking
School Administrator. Extremely conservative. Cold, but Very Polite. Haughty

Dr. Kendall (60ish)-secondary player-male-African American-Asia’s Father-Handsome
School Administrator-Nerdish,Conservative.Cold, but Very Polite.

Joseph Mariziani (60ish)-secondary player-male-Italian-American-Steven’s Father-Handsome
Former Police Sgt.Devoted husband and father.

Helen Mariziani (60ish)-secondary player-female-African American-Nice Looking
Homemaker. Devoted wife and mother.

J.J.(Joseph,Jr.) Mariziani (45)-secondary player-Half Italian,Half African American-Steven’s older brother-Handsome.
Police Officer. Devoted family man.Ex high school star athlete.

Tony Mariziani (40)-secondary player-Half Italian,Half African American-Steven’s older brother-Handsome
Police Officer.Devoted family man.But has eyes for other women.Ex high school star athlete. Recovering drug user.

Momma J (60ish)-secondary player-African American female-William and Adrian’s mother-Very Beautiful
Elegant socialite.Very devoted to her family.Accepting and gracious.

Poppa J (60ish)-secondary player-African American-male-William and Adrian’s father.Very Handsome.
Retired lawyer. Devoted to his family.Still loves to flirt with his wife.Accepting persona.

Jefferson Toombs (32)-secondary player-African American-Ron’s younger brother, and Asia’s Ex. Very Handsome.
Superstar musician. Player. Arrogant, once had a heart.

Chris (40)-secondary player-male-African American-Asia’s publisher.
Beautifully Bald and Handsome.All about his business.And loves money,women,money,in that order.
A married player.

Evelyn (30)-secondary player-female-African American-Nice looking.
Chris’ secretary.

Chantelle (25)-secondary player-female-African American.Nice looking.
Manages Asia’s boutique. Smart,but flighty.Loves men.

Greta (40)-secondary player-female-African American-Nice looking.
Asia’s devoted secretary. A crier.

Leon (20)-secondary player-male-African American-Handsome
D’arcy Enterprises Employee

Freda (30-35)-secondary player-female.Any race.
D’arcy Enterprises Employee

Jaime (25)-secondary player-male/female-African American
Flight Attendant.(Asia & William’s private jet)

Bryan (30)-secondary player-male-African American
William’s devoted chauffeur 2nd generation

Mr. Morris-any age/any race-secondary player
Security Guard Asia’s penthouse

Mr.B (45-50)-secondary player-male-African American
Chief of Security, Asia’s penthouse.

Sgt Thomas (40ish)-secondary player-male-African American
Police Sgt. devoted to his officers. Firm but keeps it light at precinct.

Grace (30ish)-secondary player-female-African American
Sgt Thomas’s loving, but talkative wife.

Captain Drake (40ish)-secondary player-any race.
Police Captain. By the books strict.No nonsense.

Peterson (30ish)-secondary player-any race.
Police Officer.Good guy,nerdish.

Pam (30ish)-secondary player-any race.
Officer Peterson’s wife.

Ellis (26)-secondary player-any race.
Police Officer and Steven’s Ex-partner. Devious.Thinks he’s God’s gift to women.

Ann (26)-secondary player-any race.
Steven’s Ex girlfriend.Now married to Ellis.

Police Chief -secondary player. Older/Any race.

Police Chief’s wife-secondary player.Older/Any race.

Police Chaplain-secondary player.(30-35)Any race.

Earl-secondary player.(30-35)-Any race.Police Officer.

Earl’s Girl-secondary player.(25-30). Any race.

Male Table Guest-secondary player.(30-35)Any race. Police Officer.

Second Cop-secondary player. (25-35)Any race. Police Officer.

Bradshaw (26)-secondary player-male-African American-State Trooper

Jackson (30)-secondary player-male-Any race-State Trooper

Neal (35)-secondary player-male-Any race-Jefferson’s manager.(Deadly)

Anne (32)-secondary player-female-Any race-British- Neal’s wife/Jefferson’s mistress

Malika (7)-secondary player-female-Jefferson’s & Anne’s love child

Kelly (30)-secondary player-male-any race-Jefferson’s new manager

Jimmie (30ish)-secondary player-male Steven’s, next door neighbor. He’s a stay at home Dad.Any race.

Dominic (30ish)-secondary player-male/female. Executive Chef. Any race.

Mrs. Champerlin(40ish)-secondary player-female-Any race. British.(physical therapist)

Dressmaker (25-30)-secondary player-any gender/any race-British.

Nurse (30ish)-secondary player-female/any race. British.

Genna (20ish)-secondary player-female/any race. Jefferson’s girlfriend.

Emergency Room Doctor (40ish)-secondary player-female/any race.

Alexis (19)-secondary player-Spelman college student-African American.

Khalif (19)-secondary player-college student-male

Norfolk State University student-secondary player-male

Norfolk State University student-secondary player-female

Paul Brennan (40ish)-secondary player-male-hotel manager-Any race.

Ice Cream Shoppe Cashier (16-19)-secondary player-Any race.

Ice Cream Shoppe Patron (17)-secondary player-male-Any race

Ice Cream Shoppe Patron (17)-secondary player-female-Any race

Ice Cream Shoppe Autograph Seeker (12)-secondary player-female-Any race.

Basketball Referee (40ish)-secondary player-male.Any race.

Sean (20)-secondary player-Chinese fast food deliveryman

Steven’s Nephew (7)-secondary player.

Female/Male Voice Overs- For Book Narration,TV, Sports, Radio Announcer,Party Guests.(Female Voice Over players wives @softball game.)

*Designates* Non speaking roles and Extras

*Keith and Kevin Jennings (30)-secondary players-(Background Non Speaking)-African Americans-(Twins)-William and Adrian’s younger brothers.Very Handsome
Accountants, former star athletes, and the other “enforcers”.

* Security Guard 1
* Security Guard 2
* Security Guard 3
*Security Guard 4
*House Party Guests(Thanksgiving Day Steven’s two other brothers,(4 sister in laws)5 sisters(5 brother in laws)
*Sky Box Guests
*Wedding Guests(use same)
*Various Police Officers
*Autograph Seekers
*Extras for Softball Game, Basketball Game, Police Award Banquet






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