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Urgent Casting: Seeking Actors for Independent Feature Film “Kill Kapone” (Los Angeles, CA)

Casting Call Details:
Project: “Kill Kapone”
Category: Independent Film
Location: Industry, CA 91746

Casting is being held Sunday, April 1st! ( No, this is not a joke for April Fools ! ) We are finalizing casting for our Drama Feature Film “Kill Kapone” from 12pm – 3pm and will be held in The City Of Industry, CA 91746

This is a Non Union Film – We are an Independent Film company working on a very strong project with recognizable faces in the film industry. This is a Non Union Film

Known actors are on this film as well. Reply if you are interested and we will send you the sides for the character you have interest in. Please read the film synopsis down below.

We are looking for fresh new faces looking to break into the biz- Here is your chance !!!

Please send reply for additional information!

We need the following :

(2) Cops – Narc type – preferably White, African-American or Asian – (can be male or female) and at least 35 & up in age

(1) Hood type thug that is a meth addict- preferably Latino in his early 20’s

(1) Gorgeous girl that is eye candy and has and edgy side in her early 20’s

(1) Basketball player type from the hood – preferably Latino with age range 17-20 that can look younger

(2) Neighborhood friends from the hood – preferably Latino with age range 17-20 that can look younger

(1) Hood type thug – preferably Latino in his early 20’s

(1) Hood type girl with hard attitude – preferably Latina in her early 20’s

FILMING BEGINS FRIDAY APRIL 13th – We are filming on Friday’s, Saturday’s and Sunday’s only and will film during the month April only.

Many roles are still available for audition. Please submit if you have the ability to act, follow direction and be dependable.

There is some pay for the right actors and you will get film credit and copy of your scenes on DVD and meal.

Once all cast is selected, we will have a table read with full cast and address all details.

Send a headshot and any work experience you may have. Please do not send cell phone taken pictures. Does not have to be professional, but please no cell phone pics !!

*** Movie Concept is in the lines of, Training Day, Menace II Society, Road Dogz , Street Kings , Colors *** This film is a very hard edged crime drama !

Please see film synopsis below to get an idea of the film outline.


Kill Kapone is a realistic, hyper-violent action/drama that follows gang member, Kapone through the gritty alleys of East L.A. while getting chased all day by his own vicious gang. The story unfolds when Kapone’s parole agents, Webster and Ardmore wake him up early in the day to take him in for violating his parole. Unfortunately for Kapone, while escaping through one of the alleys, he comes across a vindictive dope fiend who is hard up for his next fix. Kapone denies him of his fix which infuriates the dope fiend.

To get back at Kapone, Georgie labels Kapone a snitch to his own hood. As it turns out, Georgie is the one who witnesses a gruesome murder committed by gang member Marcos. Marcos, the younger brother of gang leader, Crow, is the culprit of killing an innocent woman in the alley so local Gang Unit cops Matthew and Gursky pressure Georgie to come up with the name of the murderer or face a jail term himself.

In order to save himself, Georgie snitches on Marcos who then gets arrested for the homicide. When Crow gets wind that Georgie may have been the one who snitched on his brother, Georgie shifts the blame to Kapone.

This sets off a long and brutal day for Kapone who will find himself running for his life while constantly getting shot at from his own people. Shot caller Crow is furious at Kapone for having him “drop a dime” on his little brother so he puts a “green light” on Kapone with a group of young baby-faced killers. Seventeen year old Sick, Swindle and Blind are given the mission to whack Kapone matter what it takes. The trio wants to move up the gang’s ladder so they are intent on blowing away Kapone before the day’s end.

This makes it a “no-where-to hide” situation for Kapone. As a result of the 12 action packed hours, almost a dozen people are killed in the worst day for gang-related homicides in the history of East L.A.

Casting Calls Categories: Independent Film Casting Calls / Non-Union Casting Calls
Audition Date: Sunday, April 1st 2012
Project: Casting for Non Union Independent Feature Film
Casting Call Location: Industry, CA 91746

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