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Casting Call for Feature Film “Finding Forever In Love” – Atlanta, GA

Casting Call Details:
Auditions for the feature film (tentatively SAG) “Finding Forever in Love” is scheduled for the Friday, March 23rd & Saturday March 24th…


Preach, a gifted poet, spends his days smoking weed and entertaining many women. After a visit to his grief counselor, she challenges him to go one week without sex or weed, he finds it difficult to do and makes the decision to regain control over his life, but in the process, he finds himself at a crossroad of learning how to love his self while falling in love with his supplier, Arika.

Character Analysis:

Terry “Preach” Cummings: AA Male, early 20’s, Preach is an Atlanta implant from Chicago, who dropped out of high school after the death of his girlfriend and works as a literacy coach for a Midtown literacy center. Sure he’s smart and cool, but he also has an addiction to weed and sex and if it hadn’t been for his supplier and grief counselor he would lost his way a long time ago.

Arika Smith: AA Female, Mid 30’s. Medicinal Marijuana Pharmacist. A sharp, moody, brilliant pharmacist/agriculturalist. Arika owns The Agriculture, a bed and breakfast type hospice facility located on the edge of Atlanta, where her first priority is to help as many of her clients as she can through the consumption of medicinal marijuana that will help to alleviate their pain. She is the best friend and love interest of Preach.

Dr. Te’Chia Williamson: AA Female, Mid 30s. Grief Counselor. Dr. Williamson is Preach’s grief counselor during his time of bad dreams and memories of his deceased girlfriend, and she uses unorthodox practices of treatments to help her patients to recover and heal.

Benardaquavious –aka- Fatboy: AA Young Male, 15-18. Fatboy is a student of Preach who has problems with stuttering and comprehending what he reads. He loves candy and shooting dice with Preach, who treats him like a little brother.

Tanya (Fatboy’s Momma): AA Female, Mid-Late 20’s. Young, sweet, and hood. Tanya is the quintessential of the Atlanta hood chick escaping the hood for greener pastures to raise her son. Tanya is 9-5’er working on getting her personal life in order for her and her son.

Mrs. Carolyn Watson: Any Ethnicity Female, 50s. Mrs. Watson is an illiterate Atlanta debutante. Mrs. Watson was considered a show piece all the years of her life, and through the years she was never forced to go to school, and her mother pushed her into being married early, where she prided her daughter on being taking care of, instead of taking care of herself.

Mrs. Althea Algiers: AA or Hispanic Female, Early 40’s. Married, strong, freaky, intelligent. Althea is the owner and operator of the Adaptation Literacy Center. She has a sexual relationship with Preach, because she considers her husband to be boring, and she needs excitement throughout her busy and professional life, and Preach is able to give that.

Mikey T: AA Male, mid-20’s. Mikey T is an amateur boxer with a glass jaw. Mikey T works hard for the small fights he gets to help take care of his family. He is Preach’s closest friend.

Donna: Caucasian Female, mid-20’s. Donna is Mikey T’s white girlfriend with the banging body, and the volatile attitude. She loves Mikey T and believes in him, yet she does not accept his complacent ways, and in doing so she almost lives to put him down thinking that is going to uplift him.

Gail: AA Female, early 20’s. Preach’s deceased girlfriend in Chicago.

Some of the roles are Paid, however, pay rates are based on SAG eligibility. Please submit Headshots/Resumes with the role you are submitting for.

Casting Calls Categories: Feature Film Casting Calls
Audition Date: Friday 3/23 & Saturday 3/24
Project: Finding Forever In Love
Casting Call Location: Atlanta, Georgia

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