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Urgent Casting Call for Feature Film “Elvis and Nixon” (New Orleans, LA)

Casting Call Details:
Project: Feature Film “Elvis and Nixon”
Location: New Orleans, Louisiana
Casting: Men, Women, Teens

We are setting up a casting session with the Director of the movie on Tuesday night in Downtown New Orleans for the following featured roles. This will be a very quick meet & greet for some featured background work on this movie. This will likely take place around 7pm on Tuesday.

Please submit a current picture of yourself, your contact info and which role(s) you fit ASAP.

– Secret Service: 25-45 y.o. Caucasian looking MEN, tough Military types – Potential work dates: 1/12, 1/13, 1/14, 1/15, 1/16, 1/20, 1/21, 1/22, 1/23, 2/4

– White House Staff & Aides: 30’s-50’s Caucasian looking MEN & WOMEN, clean cut & smart looking politician types – Potential work dates: 1/12, 1/13, 1/14, 1/15, 1/16, 1/20, 1/21, 1/22, 1/23, 2/4

– Black Panther’s: 20’s-50 African American looking MEN; Afro’s or short hair; tough looking guys – Potential work date: 2/5

– Daughters: 13-17 year old African American GIRLS – Potential work date: 2/5

– Stewardesses: 20’s Caucasian looking pretty LADIES; Size 2-4 – Potential work dates: 1/30, 2/3, 2/13

– Elvis Impersonator’s: 20’s-30’s ALL ETHNICITIES MEN – – Potential work date: 2/3

Casting Calls Categories: Paid Roles / Feature Film / Featured Background Roles
Audition Date: Dec 16
Project: “Elvis and Nixon”
Casting Call Location: New Orleans, Louisiana

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