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Two female actors needed for the “The Dark Reckoning”

We are working on a movie called The Dark Reckoning. It is a vampire
movie set in modern times. We need two female actors in the age range
of 21 – 27 to play one of two roles:

Emily Saunders: A bit of a recluse, she is an archeologist type that
collects ancient artifacts, mostly around the Egyptian era.
She is around 25 – 27 years old, and is very skeptical. Basically, a nerdy type.

The eldest of a group of 3 vampires, but looks around 25 or so. She is
the only female in the group of siblings. She is hell bent on finding the truth about her
family and their history.

Non-paid role in Northern Virginia (mostly the Reston area), if interested,
email me on MySpace or at erikfones@erikfones.com

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