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St. Louis, MO Casting Calls: Casting for Feature Film “Welcome to Shirley”

In summer 2011, Psycho Films will enter production on its fourth feature film, “Welcome to Shirley”, which will be filmed in Missouri around the city of St. Louis.

Psycho Films is a student run production company that has been releasing work since 2007, and most recently they released the feature drama The Pascal Sign, which is currently running the festival circuit. Psycho Films shoots entirely self-sustained on a nominal budget with a professional equipment stash and rising talent.

“Welcome to Shirley” will film throughout the month of July, and will hold auditions on March 19th, 2011 at 1:00PM.

Film Summary:

“Following the death of their patriarch, an avid bowler who committed suicide shortly after his first perfect game, the members of the Bannerham family reassemble in their hometown of Shirley to see him to rest. Caught in the stasis between being a comedic drama or a dramatic comedy, WELCOME TO SHIRLEY tells the tale of a family estranged from each other by space and time, and their struggle to put their eccentricities aside and overcome many of their deep-rooted familial grudges. Over the course of one day before the funeral of their father, Nate and David Bannerham, along with a truly odd cast of family members, face each other after ten years of separation and attempt to find closure in the wake of their father’s demise.”


1. MALE (early 60s, white) – BILL – elderly, noble, defeated, focused
2. MALE (late 20s, white) – NATE – handsome, distant, rebellious, angry
3. MALE (early 30s, white) – DAVID – tall, broad shouldered, calm, manipulative
4. FEMALE (late 20s, white) – ROCHELLE – motherly, warm, disillusioned, emotional
5. FEMALE (late 20s, white) – MEADOW – spunky, attractive, rebellious, main love interest
6. MALE (late 20s, white) – AARON – rough, quirky, good looking but not noticable
7. MALE (late teens, white) – CHIP – young, handsome, naïve, awkward
8. FEMALE (late 50s, white) – JUDY – greying, warm, matriarchal, confused
9. FEMALE (late 20s, white) – MIRANDA – attractive, ditsy,
10. MALE (early 30s, white) – RALPH – lanky, awkward, inept, meager
11. MALE (early 60s, white) – OTIS – rotund, obnoxious, intrusive, loud
12. MALE (mid-60s, white) COACH RON BAINES – elderly, veteran, coarse, husky
13. MALE (late 50s, white) – DARYL – balding, pudgy, boring, dull and un-emotive

Casting Calls Categories: Feature Film Casting Calls
Audition Date: March 19th, 2011 @ 1:00PM
Project: Casting for Feature Film “Welcome to Shirley”
Location: St. Louis

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