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Seeking actors for feature film (Marietta, GA)

We have plenty more characters just submit and we can fit you in.
This a low budget film we all know what that’s means NO PAY sorry guys, but hey we C.C.M (Give Copy Credit Meal) just as good right?

Character Breakdown:

Shanice Evans: African American Female Mid 20s Early 30s: is Joseph and Joel’s loving mother. She can quite bad-mannered to people she don’t know. She is a hard working mother trying to give her son a better life than she had, she giving all she got to make that happen, No limitations. Avoided by her mother in childhood Shanice see life unfairly, she thinks everyone is out for there own and no body cares for one another. Due to her Early boyfriend who left her with two boys, because he got a gig that would bring him money fame and glory.

Lisa Maclean: African American Female 30-40: is Joel adopted Mother, Due to rapist stepfather who destroyed up her womb when she was in her early teens. She married a Caucasian male name Preston; she is the sectary for the Mayor of her city. She is hard working, over protective, Strict but caring mother.

Preston Maclean: Caucasian Male 30-40: is Joel Adopted Father, a high case celebrity lawyer, He a laid back fun type a guy always wanted his son to be the most popular one in school, always want the best for his son. He often watches football games, runs away from his strict over protective wife to hang out with his poker friends.

Katherine Cleaver: Caucasian Female 30-40: A secret spy for the government, but to all known as a Liberian, she is an Over protective mother who wants to keep her child out of danger.

Uncle James: African American 25-35: Shanice Brother and Joseph Uncle, He is the oldest in the family, but he is not the smartest, he use his street smarts and he Con ways to trick people out of there money.

Mike Cleaver: Caucasian Male 15-21 (has to play 16 year old): Born in January 28, 1992.easily influence by Television, piers, and anything that appealing to him. This is Joel Best friend since elementary school, He is an adventurer junkie, and loves breaking the rules, also high intelligent but use it to plot schemes and pranks.

Asha Night: Any Ethnicity Female Mid 20 to Early’s 30: she is Shanice Evans Bestfriend. She is a bad influence on Shanice giving bad advice but through it all she is still there for her no matter what.

Day Players Roles:

Hector HERNANDEZ: Hispanic Male 15-21 (has to play 16 year old) A Young Hispanic gang member.

Javier VEGA: Hispanic Male 15-21 (has to play 16 year old) Leader of the Young Hispanic gang.

Antonio CASTRO: Hispanic Male 15-21 (has to play 16 year old) Young Hispanic gang Member.

Emilio ALVAREZ: Hispanic Male 15-21 (has to play 16 year old) Young Hispanic gang Member.

Little Willie: Male African American 13-17: Character Description will be Given apond request

Young Joseph Evans: African American Male 3 to 6: his mother Shanice.

Young Joel: African American Male 3 to 6: Joseph and Joel are brothers.

Shanice Boyfriend: Any Ethnicity Male: A big Muscular Guy that Mooch off of Shanice.

Grandma: African American Female: 40s to 65s: Shanice Mother She was a hard strict old school mother and still know how to give a grown person a speech

Mr. Garret: Caucasian Male Early 30 to 40: A teacher at a private school that really care about the kids in his class

Pete: Any Ethnicity Male: 20s to 30 A Drug Dealer that is always trying to get money borrow something or steal

Kenji Jiao-long: Asian Male 16 to 20 Kenji is a cool calm and collective guy. Never blows his top about anything. When it comes to the ladies he always know what so say. In school he is the brightest of his class when he efforts into it. His parents pushes him hard at home, to become somebody. So sometimes he leaves and gets into trouble with his local friends in the nieghborhood.

Asian Males: These are kenji friends always getting kenji into trouble in the local neighborhood. They really dont care about school but they parents pushes them hard and they always disappoint.

Hispanic Females: Hispanic Female 16-21, youthful, one of the pretty girls that rolls with javier’s crew



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