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Open auditions for feature film “Tagged!” (Tampa, FL)

We are holding an open audition for our upcoming movie TAGGED! which concerns a teenage girl obsessed with the game of Lazer Tag. A knowledge of the game is a plus but not a necessity. Most of the actors we are looking for are between the ages of 15 and 19 years old or can appear to be those ages, however, there are several parts open for older actors. The parts which have been cast are PRINCESS TRIXIE BROOKS, LORNA BROOKS, JOE, MAD COW. All the other parts are open. We will be looking for males and females, all ethnic types.

We are going for a “PG” rated movie, good for the entire family, including teens. We hope to enter it in movie festivals aimed at a youthful audience and we will be trying to get approval ratings from groups such as Kids First!

The auditions will be held:

WHEN: Saturday, 5 DEC 09 at 8 PM
WHERE: Q-ZAR, Laser Tag
7807 N. Dale Mabry Hwy
Tampa, FL 33614

We begin shooting on Martin Luther King Day, 18 JAN 10. Please check the list of Characters. For more details go to: www.creatureproductions.com.

PRINCESS TRIXIE BROOKS- Arrogant, self centered, delusional. She is the main character and, therefore, has a softer side but keeps it hidden. She dresses outrageously and her wavy hair is streaked with color. Wears dark clothing in arena.
MARCUS- Tall, handsome but deeply troubled. She is Trixie’s love interest.
MORI- Trixie’s closest friend, if you can call her that. The two fight constantly and do not get along.
LES- Easy-going. Likeable. He and Mori are romantically involved.

PITBULL- Leader of the team. Abrasive, cocky, believes in winning at all costs. A big, powerful youngster who’s made his way up from the streets. Knows how to cheat to win.
MAD COW- Second in command. Although she is as tough as Pit Bull, she has a conscience and uses it to tone Pit Bull down. She is the only one who can calm his rage.
DEATH ROW- A weasel of a boy. Sneaky. Suspicious.
QUIET MAN- As his name implies, he rarely speaks.

REFEREE 3- Strong authority figure.
REFEREE 2- Believes in fair play. Never hesitates when someone breaks the rules. Authority figure.
REFEREE 1- No lines.
GAR-GOTHA- Boy dressed in alien costume. Rattles off the rules on a TV screen.

FLASH GORGONS- Extras. No lines.
RUBY COASTERS- Extras. No lines.
LORNA BROOKS- Trixie’s mother. Almost always seen in bed. A beautiful woman who is wasting away from an unknown disease. She is the one who has raised her daughter on the wild tales of an alien empire. Schizophrenic.
JOE- Marcus’ boss. A broken war veteran with one leg and a deeply scarred face. We later learn he is Trixie’s father who was believed to be KIA (Killed in Action).
OMAR- Trixie’s estranged grandfather and Joe’s father. Although he supported Trixie and her mother he never was a part of their lives. He becomes the unseen evil Count Omar in Trixie’s delusions.
RAY KAWA- Mori’s brother. Marcus’ friend. Lazer Tag player.
THE BERRYS- Servants to Trixie and her mother. Loyal and servile. Trixie treats them like robots.
DR. GRIFFITH- Omar’s doctor and friend.





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