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Independent Feature Film “One Nation Under God” Casting Call – Louisville, KY

Project: “One Nation Under God”
Casting Calls Category: Independent Feature Film
Location: Louisville, Kentucky

“One Nation Under God” The Movie

Synopsis- Sonya an Iraqi American Muslim girl struggles with the controlling and oppressing ways of father as she falls for Michael a Jewish boy she meets through friends. While hiding the relationship from her family she is caught by surprise when her father arranges a marriage for her. If Sonya avoids getting caught will she finally be able to make a decision for herself or will she be forced to follow the life her father chooses?

Character breakdown

Sonya – Lead / Female / Age 18 to 23 ( ALREADY CAST)

Thin frame, beautiful in an understated way. Iraqi American oppressed in a free world. School has been her only saving grace but as Graduation comes she has to find to express herself.

Isha – Lead / Female /Age 18 to 23 ( ALREADY CAST)
Thin frame and very pop culture.
Iraqi American born here by a well off family. Very rebellious, outgoing and not afraid to tell you how she feels or give you a knuckle sandwich.

Michael – Lead / Male / Age 18 to 25
Jewish American, slim to average frame and very unintentionally cool but down to earth growing up without parents. He mixes music for his own start up business. If you play an instrument it’s a plus but not necessary.

Jacob – Supporting / Male / Age 18 to 23
Caucasian, slim, a wanna be Casanova. Friends with Michael he becomes romantically involved with Isha.

Hakeem, Wasif, Sayed (Sonya’s brothers) –
Supporting / Male / Age 18 to 35
Iraqi American, all college students and mostly following their father with their views of the world being set in the old ways.
If you look or can pass for Middle Eastern please contact us. We are in great need for these characters.

Mustafa – Supporting / Male / Age 45 to 65
Iraqi, very firm and set in his ways. It’s his way or no way. He loves his family but their his family and it’s in his own way.
If you look or can pass for Middle Eastern please contact us. We are in great need for this character.

Julie – Supporting /Female / Age 20 to 30 ( ALREADY CAST)
caucasian, thin to average frame. She’s caring, attractive, and been looking for a real relationship until she met the man she hopes is the one.

Extras – several positions/ Age 16 to 60
Need extras for several small roles and for background.

This is an open casting call to everyone, because we also have a need for a wide range of ages and races for extras and some smaller roles.

Our next casting call will be March 3rd

We will also except online auditions, please contact for details.

If you have any questions about the audition please contact us.


Shoot dates: May 31st 2011 through July 15th 2011



We are looking for local talent from around Louisville Kentucky and the surrounding area.

Compensation: Film credit.

Casting Calls Categories: Independent Film Casting Calls / Feature Film Casting Calls / Extras Casting Calls
Audition Date: March 3rd
Project: Independent Feature film casting call
Location: Louisville Kentucky

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