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Global Casting Call For Feature

Casting Call Details:
Global Casting Call For Feature

Principal Cast:

Ray Bilderman, male, age 26-30
Ray’s a Caucasian male, nearly 6ft tall and relatively lean. He’s modestly handsome, unpretentious and uncommonly down-to earth.
Ray was born, and grew up, in this very small town, in middle-America. He has never lived abroad, and very rarely leaves the local zip code for any reason whatsoever. After graduating college, in the next town over, Ray returned home to marry his high school sweetheart, Gitte. They’ve now been married for 2 years, but have a 6 year-old daughter, Hannah. Together, they live in a rented house, in a very boring neighborhood.By all indications, Ray is a family man, gentle and kind. He’s also highly imaginative, witty and unbeknownst to the world (as well as to himself), a very talented writer.But, Ray lacks self-confidence and motivation. In fact, it’s his frequent pessimism and conservative nature that prevents him from finding success as a writer. In quite simple terms, Ray has always been afraid to leave his comfort zone and has never extended himself or reached for anything beyond what seemed easy.
For the moment, Ray works as Assistant Manager, at the FilmArt Theatre, in downtown. He “says” that he’s content with his job, but admits to earning crap wages and hating his Napoleonic boss.
As our story begins, Ray is nearly finished with his latest and (according to his best pal, Simon) his greatest screenplay ever. A quirky sci-fi script entitled DON QUIXOTE ON MARS, which is an ironic and witty take on the Cervantes’ classic, “Don Quixote de La Mancha”.

Simon Leviere, male, age 26-30
Simon is the best friend of Ray.
He’s a Caucasian male, of French decent. He’s around 5ft 6in. tall (or shorter), not quite handsome, although he may have an interesting look.
In short, Simon’s a dreamer who lives well beyond his means. He’s a schemer and plotter, and someone who always searches for ways of making a quick buck. But, it’s his sense of humor and self-confidence that helps him win people over.Simon still lives in the “next town”, where he and Ray met during college. The son of a retired & wealthy businessman, Simon was born in Amiens, France, near Paris. When Simon was 10 years-old, he and his family moved to middle-America after his father accepted a chairmanship on the board of a major Pharmaceutical firm.A relatively bright, but distracted student, Simon dropped out of college during his senior year, and for the moment, lives off his father’s monthly allowance. But, since Simon’s family unwittingly believes he’s still in college, now pursuing a master’s degree, this arrangement can’t last forever.
As our story begins, Simon’s latest scheme is to become a movie producer. Since he recognizes Ray’s potential, he is determined to help Ray sell his latest and greatest screenplay, DON QUIXOTE ON MARS.

Essee Montrose, female, age 22-26
Essee is the French cousin of Simon, who lives in Paris.
Essee is an attractive “gothic” artist /video filmmaker. She’s petite and beautiful, but with tattoos and body piercing that hint at her rebellious nature.Essee is determined and dedicated to documentary filmmaking as a way of expressing her view of the world. A veteran of Cannes, she has no illusions of what it takes to succeed in the film business and is prepared to make all the necessary sacrifices. Essee is young, but already she’s developed a small network of people in the film industry, to help her achieve her goals.
As our story begins, Essee has been solicited by her American cousin, Simon, who is now planning a trip to Cannes, in order to sell Ray’s screenplay, DON QUIXOTE ON MARS.

Peter Sykora, male, age 40-50
Peter Sykora is one of the most successful and influential movie producers in Hollywood.
Peter’s a Caucasian male, nearly 6ft tall, handsome, muscular, broad shouldered and very fit for his age. He’s arrogant and wears only the finest suits, surrounds himself with the most beautiful women as well as the best things that money can buy.
As our story begins, Peter Sykora has two completed films premiering at the upcoming Cannes Film Festival, and he’s at the top of his game. This year, he’ll be the golden boy at Cannes, and therefore holds all the keys to fame and fortune. And, as always, Peter Sykora is looking for the next greatest script.

Roland Emmeram & Don Quixote, male, age 55-60
Roland is a powerful movie producer, although no longer at the top of his game.
Roland’s a Caucasian male around 5ft 10in tall, with a thin build and gaunt face. He’s weathered and ruggedly handsome, but more of a father figure than Peter Sykora. Roland has a subtle gentleness about him, and takes great comfort in knowing that he’ll soon be retiring from the cutthroat world show business.
As our story begins, Roland plans to attend Cannes for the last time. He has no films premiering this year, but he’ll dutifully fulfill his last contract requirements with MGM by attending the Cannes parties and premieres of his colleagues.
Roland is also Don Quixote, who appears in Ray’s dreams (and Ray’s daydreams of scenes from his screenplay, DON QUIXOTE ON MARS). To Ray, Don Quixote is a wise and learned mentor who helps Ray overcome his self-doubt and avoid the pitfalls of complacency.

Sancho Panza, male, age 45-50
Sancho is the loyal sidekick to Don Quixote.
Sancho is of Spanish decent, around 5ft tall (very short), with a big belly. A man of few words, Sancho is not very intelligent and more of a follower. Sancho has little or no social skills and often farts or burps at the most inappropriate moment.

Gitte Bilderman, female, age 26-30
Gitte is the wife of Ray Bilderman, and the mother of Hannah.
Gitte is attractive, curvy, and relatively fit for being a mother. She’s about 5ft 6in tall, and slightly less than average weight. She and Ray have been “an item” since the beginning of high school, and finally married each other two years ago.
As our story begins, sadly Gitte is already disillusioned with her marriage to Ray. Tired of living from paycheck to paycheck, Gitte hopes for something better. She manages a “Dairy Mart” and attends the local community college, in order to someday get a better paying job. Out of frustration, Gitte constantly reminds Ray to take his job more seriously, to work towards becoming a full manager, to earn more money. Secretly, Gitte’s resentful, sick and tired of Ray’s scriptwriting, because it keeps him from spending time with his family. She no longer believes that Ray can make it as a screen writer.

Supporting Cast:

Hannah Bilderman (Ray & Gitte’s Daughter), female, age 7-9
Hannah is a typical, healthy-minded, second or third grader. She’s sweet, innocent and full of wonderment.

Russell (Manager, FilmArt Theatre), male, age 25-30
Russell is short & overweight with a Napoleonic attitude. He’s the little guy who’s been picked on his entire life.Russell is an only child, from parents who didn’t expect nor want him. He’s single, and with no prospects for love. He takes a certain amount of satisfaction by making people feel as a “little” as possible, and by working hard to intimidate them in anyway in any way he possibly can. Russell’s an opportunist, angry, feeling that life has dealt him a bad hand.

Mark (Ticket Booth Clerk, FilmArt Theatre), male, age 18-25
Mark’s a stoner. No ambition, no direction, no worries. He’s a high school dropout and lives in a communal home with several others like himself. He lives for getting drunk and stoned on the weekend.

Rhonda (Waitress), female, age 25-30
Rhonda’s a simple girl with modest ambitions. She has no dreams of grandeur but hopes to become a cosmologist (or makeup artist) someday, and to settle down with “someone practical”, a man with a good job, and to have several children.

Used Car Salesman, male, age 30-40
A caricature of a man, someone over-compensating for countless shortfalls, and one who doesn’t listen, but enjoys hearing the sound of his own voice and therefore refuses to stop talking.

Jackson, the Jack Russell Terrier male,canine (canada)
Jackson is an uncommon Jack Russell terrier in behavioral terms. He’s relatively calm and obedient in all situations.(Canada)

Flight Attendant, female, age 25-40
Pilot (V.O.), male, age 40-50

TV Personality (Co-host as himself), male, age 40-50
TV Personality (Co-host as herself), female, age 40-50
5-Recognizable Celebrities (to Appear as Themselves)

French Bartender, male, age 55-65
A French bartender, someone rude and disrespectful to all foreigners,male age open

French Motel Clerk (Roadtrip), male, age 25-40
Friendly and enthusiastic.
French Motel Clerk (Cannes), female, age 25-35
French Video Shop Clerk, male, age 20-25

French Tow-Truck Driver, male, age 35-50
Very French, hairy, stinky, bad hygiene, bad breath.

French Hotel Clerk (Martinez Hotel), female, age 25-40
A snobby Cannes hotel clerk, only friendly to those who reek of money.

Assistant to Peter Sykora (Marie-Claude), female, age 25-35
Marie is kind & beautiful. A genuine person in a sea of phonies.

Assistant to Max Wiedermann, male, age 25-35

20-Paparazzi (Photographers)Prefered – photographic journalism exp.

Extras: (Please submit only if you are located in these locations)
50 (Approximately) Moosejaw-Canada location
100 (Approximately) Airport /Airplane, International Airport /Studio (tbd location)
100 (Approximately) Train Station, Paris (Paris,France location)
100 (Approximately) Hotels in Lyon & Cannes (Cannes Fr.)
250 (Approximately) Various in-and-around Festival, Cannes (Cannes Fr. location)

Casting Call Location: Nationwide
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