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En Route: A Film by Colin Levy [Casting Call]

“En Route”
a film by Colin Levy

Sometimes the smallest of decisions can have life-altering consequences.

A small boy plays in his room with a model airplane, unaware that he is shaping his own destiny. “En Route” tells the story of a pilot’s life in reverse chronological order– from the day of his death in a devastating plane crash, to a seemingly ordinary moment he experiences as a 7-year-old boy. A slight deviation in course– an unexpected slip, a fortuitous decision in child’s play — will spawn a ripple effect that changes the trajectory of his life.

Casting call:
532 Indian Street
Savannah, GA

April 3-5
April 10-12

12pm – 3pm


Pilot (Harry)

Four actors will play the part of the pilot:

age 6 – 10

age 17 – 25

age 25 – 35

age 35 – 50

Pilot’s Wife (Linda)

Two actors will play the part of the pilot’s wife:

age 40 – 50

age 20 – 30

Copilots, male

1. age 35 – 40

2. age 30 – 35

3. age 40 – 50

Senior Management, United Airlines

male, age 45-60

Flight Academy President

male, age 45 – 55

Flight Instructor

male or female, age 40 – 50

Harry’s Mother

age 35-40

Flight Attendant

Age 20-25

Science Fair Judge

Age 40-60

Harry (age 50) has had a long, distinguished career as commercial airline pilot and is now about five years away from retirement. However, he has found himself increasingly despondent and unsatisfied with his lot in life. His marriage is in shambles and his career has no meaning for him anymore. He has turned to alcohol and women in search of an escape, but this only worsens his situation.

Harry (age 35) is in an exciting time in his life. He is recently married, just had a kid, and finally looks to be achieving his dream– to become a commercial airline pilot. Money, security, love, a sense of accomplishment– Harry has a life that others only dream of.

Harry (age 23) has just spent the last four years in school, receiving his private pilot’s license and training to become a pilot. He has recently graduated from flight school with some massive student loans, and is pursuing his love of flying in any way he can. He gets odd jobs as a crop duster and tows banner ads, and he’s having the time of his life.

Harry (age 15) is a relatively normal kid in high school. He’s pretty sure he wants to be a pilot, but doesn’t think too much about his future. He likes playing computer games, especially flight simulators.

Harry (age 7) is a naturally inquisitive kid. He’s bright, and has a very supportive mother who tells him “you can be whoever you want to be”. He likes playing with legos and model airplanes, toy soldiers and has a wild imagination.

Linda (age 48) is a fairly successful interior decorator. Her job for her is a job and nothing more; she attributes the value of her life to the value of her relationships. A few of her closest friends have moved away in recent years, and her marriage to Harry is falling apart. Her 14-year-old son, the light of her life, is having trouble in school and has become more standoffish with her. She doesn’t see a happiness in her future and is frustrated with the state of her life.

Linda (age 22) is finishing up school at a liberal arts college. She is interested in a lot of things– in art, music, and environmental science– but does not know what she wants to pursue as a career. She has had a few relationships in the past, but none of them have lasted very long. Now she is seeing Harry, a young, handsome pilot– who she absolutely adores.

Please contact:

Yotam Dor, producer


Andre Danylevich, producer

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