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Detroit Area Casting Calls: Casting supporting characters and extras for feature film “Shifted”

Detroit Area Casting Calls:
A Chinese immigrant, Sung, comes to America to live “The Dream”, however after things go sour he then joins a Car Race revolved around expensive and fancy Asian Sports Cars, a race owned by the Chinese Triad, the Su Family. Sung goes on an action-packed adventure involving car explosions, tricks, gun fights and…sexy ladies?

Please do not apply if you are under the age of 18 even with a parent or guardian.

Our production company will be coming to Michigan and film for about two months around the Metro-Detroit area, we will need Hispanics and Asians (both male and female) for extras. We will also be need Caucasian, Hispanic and Asian models (who are in slight shape) to pose as Car girls, you will be wearing tight clothing and some will be in bikinis. Extras are a Paid Position based on standard union rates. Models will be paid $500 a day. We will not be holding a casting call for extras, we are only accepting email submissions only.

We are also looking to fill three roles, we may only need you for maybe a day or two, however each day you work you will receive a SAG voucher including SAG pay. If you would like to apply for any of these roles, please send your resume, a headshot and a body shot photograph as well as a sample or a link of your work. We will contact you if we are interested.

Baby Chika [Hispanic Female – Age 18-25 – 5’4-5’7 – Supporting Character]
Dolores Santiago aka Baby Chika is the younger sister of Frankie, one of the supporting protagonists in the racing ring, she has a “I don’t care” attitude and have a small spanish accent, as well as mixing spanish and english together whenever she speaks. Actress will be trained in Stunt Fighting, as Chika will be fighting with a rival antagonist girl named Diana.

Chen Yeung [Asian Male – Age 21-30 – 5’6-5’9 – Supporting Character]
Chen Yeung is a member of the Su Triad Family, Chen is a hitman and a street racer who also works for the Police Department as an information collector for the triad. Chen owns a Green/Blue Nissan Skyline R34 fully modified that he uses in the race, he is also a martial artist, specifically in Wushu, and dislikes the everyday life of the public (shopping, sports, ext) and tends to himself and only himself. Actor will be trained in Stunt Fighting, Stunt Driving and firearms. A Stunt Double will be present and performing the actual racing scenes but close shots of the actor then the actor will be used.

Master Noah [Asian Female – Age 21-30 – 5’4 – 5’7 – Supporting Character]
Mei Feng Zhou aka Master Noah, is a racer who races Sung at the Death Villa for a $750,000 prize money. She owns and races with a Black Ferrari F430 Spider fully Modified. Actress will undergo training in Stunt Driving. A Stunt Double will be present and performing the actual racing scenes but close shots of the actress then the actress will be used.

If you are interested in being an extra or applying for a role, please send the requested information with what you are applying for on the subject line.

Please remember that we will not be doing a casting call, except for the three roles, we will be contacting you personally if we are interested.






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