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Desperately in need of asian and pakistani / middleeastern guys to audition (Scottdale, GA)

Fighting Angels 7

Audition Notice:

Due to the high turnout on yesterday’s audition (thurs June 25th) we will be having a SECOND audition This Monday June 29th!!!!!!

Fighting Angels Exodus (FA7) the newest installment in the series. We are looking for athletic and energetic individuals for roles in the upcoming film. We are looking for a large variety of looks and styles. Many of these roles are very physically demanding, so being in shape is a necessity. Looking for both lead roles and supporting roles.

**Anyone can audition, but we are primarily Needing Asian or Middle Easter/ Pakastani (or close resemblance) actors!!!


ATTN: FA7 Casting

Your Name (required)
Your Phone number (Required)
Your Photo/Headshot(Required)
Your Resume/bio (if available)
And which role you desire to audition for or just put ‘any role.’
**Submissions without the required fields will not be accepted

**All applicants who didn’t get to audition at the last audition will have first time slots.
Inform the assistant that your name is on the list from Thursday’s audition.

Come prepared to do a cold reading and perhaps a partnered reading if needed.

Also bring a photo/headshot and resumé if you have one.

This is a nonpaid project, however, it is a good chance for exposure and experience.

We will, however, provide Copy, Credits, and we will have meals on set. YAY FOOD!

Auditions will be held:

Thursday, June 29th
6:30 pm – 10pm

*CUT OFF TIME IS PROMPTLY AT 930!! If you show up after then we cannot see you!!!

YourAct Studios! (Sketchworks Theatre)
3041 N Decatur Rd
Scottdale, GA 30079

PLEASE, EVERYONE MUST RSVP via email for the auditions.
We need to know who is coming and how many to expect to optimize our time with casting.

Please send an email to:
with “FA7 Casting” in the subject line.

Roles available are:


Calisha/Shapeshifter – (African-American female, early 20’s) (recasting the role) Calisha has been the right hand ‘woman’ to Diablo since the beginning. She is a shapesshifter and is a beautiful bombshell with a taste for evil. She can assume anyone’s powers she transforms into, along with transforming others at will, and has a bad attitude. Normally using her feminine wilds to get what she wants, Calisha is quite the force to be reckoned with.
Loyal to her master Diablo, she was last seen on a recon mission to set up surveillance in the Angel’s Mansion. Calisha was then captured and held captive. Must be very athletic and have a strong presence on screen. Very shapely figure.

Dabaruu – (Caucasian male, mid to late 20’s) (Recasting the role) Dabaruu is a being of true evil. Not much is known about him all that is known is he is directly/indirectly responsible for the deaths of countless angels and the down fall of Rhapsody London’s original team. He has hinted at the fact to have been co-leader of the team with him but no one knows for sure or no one is speaking about it. It seems his main goal is the downfall of the Fighting Angels with the help of his Acolytes. He has the power to manipulate the energies around him and redirect them how he sees fit. Presumed deceased after his encounter with Diablo, Dabaruu is back to exact his revenge on the Angels. But he is now having an inner conflict. Looking for a large framed tall individual. Strong but agile.


Tamoor Patel / Tek – ( Middle-eastern male, age 20 – 25)
Hailing from Pakistan,’ Tek’ is one of the founding members of the “NewBreed Fighting Angels” who have traveled the world fighting evil alongside his leader J.R. The Dark Angel. Tek is extremely smart and has the ability to talk to and control technology. Tek is a technopath. Having the abilities to speak to and manipulate any computer or electronic signal or device. Must be very articulate, dry sense of humor.

Alissandra Bedel / Glyph – ( Latina or exotic ethnicity, Female, Age 20 – 25)
Glyph is a mysterious girl from Egypt who’s past is unknown. She is also a part of the “NewBreed Fighting Angels” Having the powers of super strength, flight, and heightened senses, plus, special tattoos all over her body glow when she uses her powers, the people of her town see her as an Angel. Always saving the day and disappearing. Newspapers have caught wind of her exploits and because her origin is unknown, Glyph can be very shy at times. She is always watching her back because she is still trying to find her place in the world.

Dominic Maxwell / Seraphym – ( Caucasian Male, age 20 – 25)
Born in England, Once a part of the rogue superpowered group, the Underdwellers, now a part of the “NewBreed Fighting Angels. Seraphym is very beautiful. Black hair, Green eyes, almost perfect. He gives the appearance of being a true to life angel, as he has beautiful wings and can blast energy rings from his wrists. NewBreed rescues Dominic from the Humans Against Outsiders who had been experimenting on him.

Kate Rooke / Dagger – ( Latina Female, age 22 – 27)
Kate is a hard as nails, tough girl who used to be an assassin for the Humans Against Outsiders. But after a recent revelation about her employers intentions for those with powers, she decides to leave the HAO and work with the “NewBreed Fighting Angels.” Kate is special in the fact that she is the one Fighting Angel that has NO powers. However, she has been known to take out very powerful beings. She also has a past romantic history with her fellow NewBreed partner, Oni.

Takato Numora / Oni – (Asian male, age 22 – 27)
Takato has been fighting evil forces throughout the backstreets of Japan since his teen years, using his psionic powers to aid him in his quest for justice. He has since donned the identity of Oni, and strikes fear into those that threaten he innocent. During his travels he came across Dagger and they had a short love affair until she realized that Takato had powers and was ordered to kill him. Now, a part of the NewBreed Fighting Angels, they are reunited.

Parker Mason / Shift – (Caucasian Male, age 16 – 21)
Parker Mason has been in and out of juvenile for most of his life. He’s been actively using his power of Molecular Manipulation to phase in and out of vehicles to steal them, or shrink his size to get out of tricky situations. This Bronx New York native was found while robbing a bank in his home town and was approached by the NewBreed Angels and given a choice. Use his powers for good, or pay the price.

Connor McGreggor / Ember – (Caucasian Male, age 20 – 25)
*Preferable Irish or Scottish Accent
Born in Scottland, Ember has been doing his own thing across the globe for a long time. His power of Nuclear flame makes him very dangerous. He can engulf himself in a fire that burns just as hot as the sun. He is also a very handsome man and a womanizer. Connor has the idea that he’s God’s gift to women and shows it in all that he does. Ember stumbled upon the NewBreed angels a long time ago and decided he had nothing better to do, so he joined the team.


Frost – (Caucasian Male, age 19 – 22)
Frost is one three henchmen, put in place by Diablo to aid his demons on the rise against the HAO and the Fighting Angels. Frost can control and manipulate ice with one drawback, his ice can affect him. He is also a hot tempered, wiry individual.

Brimstone – (any ethnicity, 20’s)
Brimstone has the power to transform his skin into fiery granite, which makes him virtually indestructible. He is most seen working for Senator Warren Von Drake as one of his closest bodyguards. He has a very calm, but aggressive look to him. Willing to strike at a moments notice if given the word. Close to bodybuilder type. Very tall.

Delilah – (Any Ethnicity, late 20’s appearance)
The Queen of the Vampires, and a very powerful one at that. She, along with her King Ezra, rule their clan with precision. That is, until joined up with the Demons to go against the Fighting Angels and the HAO. Delilah has a very regal air to her. But, she is also direct and to the point. She is very beautiful and sultry.

Ezra – ( any ethnicity, late 20’s appearance)
The King of the vampires, wed to Delilah. His striking handsomeness comes with ruthless evil. His calm tongue paired only with a taste for blood. Perfect for the pairing with the Demons, who would bring destruction to mankind. He too speaks with a regal calmness in the face of danger.

Rei – (any ethnicity, age 19 – 23)
Rei has quickly risen to second chair of the Brotherhood of Warlocks. Being the only female member makes her very dangerous. She has an uncanny ability to quickly absorb any information placed before her, hence the fast rise to power alongside Mortachai, the Warlock High Chair. But with her great power also comes great mystery. Is there more to her than the surface allows?

Streak – ( Any ethnicity, age 18 – 25)
One of Dabaruu’s trusted acolytes. Streak has the ability of Spacial Displacement, meaning he can move from one place to the next with a blink of an eye. This makes him a difficult adversary to apprehend. He has a quick wit and very cocky. And an exceptionally excellent fighter.

Shroud -( any ethnicity, age 18 – 25)
Shroud is another of Dabaruu’s Acolytes. He has the ability to blend in with his surroundings, thus making him a chameleon of sorts. He has a sharp tongue that often gets him into trouble.

Helix – ( any ethnicity, 20’s)
Helix is another of Dabaruu’s Acolytes, with the power to multiply himself at will. He is very sarcastic and very formidable as a foe.

Force – ( any ethnicity, age 15 – 19)
One of the youngest of Dabaruu’s Acolytes. Force has the power to manipulate gravity. He is quite the fighter, but the strong silent type.



10 Humans Against Outsiders (HAO) extras
10 – 15 vampire extras
8-10 witch extras
8-10 warlock extras

HAO Guard #1
Soldier #1
Soldier #2
Soldier #3
Reporter #1
Reporter #2
Voice from heaven

** most of which can double for the other.



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