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Casting for feature screenplay reading “Remember Me”

Hero Labs is casting for a script reading of “Remember Me”, a humorous
feature film about a psychologist trying to get free from her Mom’s
uncooperative ghost.

Please e-mail a head shot and resume and I’ll follow up to schedule a
meeting if you’re right for the role. This will be an excellent chance
to mingle with industry professionals. Actors won’t be paid but will be
considered for roles when the feature is shot.

Reading dates
November 13 6:00-9:00pm Mercer Island Public Library
And December 21st 12:30-3:30pm Kirkland Public Library

The following roles are available:

GINA COTTE, a shrink with mommy issues F40 +
MABELEEN THE MAGNIFICENT, Gina’s eccentric mother F60+
STEW COTTE, Gina’s sister who believes you have to kiss a lot of frogs
to find the good stud stock, and if you don’t, a fifth of vodka might do
MIMI THE MAGNIFICENT, Gina’s half sister ripe for adventure and loves
dressing up Fmid20s
MONTE THE MAGNIFICENT, Mabel’s husband, a career obsessed clown that’s
been gone so long his daughter doesn’t know what he looks like without
make up on M55+
SEYMOUR DOUMAN, Mabel’s paramour who would be the hot bachelor at the
nursing home if he could afford to stay there M65+
MINISTER ZAC CHIMMER, the new minister in town with secret bad boy
tendencies Mlate20s
MYLEE BURKE, Gina’s ruthless, mentally unstable publisher F35-50
LAVERNE STEVENS as helpful as anyone who never stops talking can be F35+
NATHAN RAUSTER Gina’s sexually dysfunctional husband
MASTISON GREY Church board president, sheriff and bartender in these
here parts M40+
ABELEE DOUMAN the ghost of Seymour’s dead jealous wife
DR. ELIGH, a chipper radiologist
ER DOCTOR, a self-righteous death with dignity advocate

Hero Labs, Director
1451 169th Place NE Bellevue, WA 98008

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