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Casting call in Orlando, FL

Road Kill Cinema Productions presents…

Writer and director – Michael Clinkenbeard

From the same company of “The Dead Walk”, they bring new psychological horror.

A contemporary gothic ghost story, along the same template as “The Exorcist”, “The Omen”, and “Ringu”


Casting for:
Nicholas Torrance: MALE, 20’s, Striking, brooding, dresses in black and smokes black clove cigarettes. Behind his oval wire-rimmed glasses is a mystery we can’t see.

Gillian Tasker: FEMALE, late-20’s, Clear-eyed and practical. She is quick to call others on their BS, but a good laugh follows to soften her criticism.

Michael D’Amico: MALE, 30’s, Handsome, athletic, charming and passionate. Italian with a Machiavellian gleam in his eye.

Roland “Rolly” Marsh: MALE, 30’s, Quick-witted and impulsive. Michael’s associate and friend, he loves talking, drinking, and eating.

Raven Muir: FEMALE, 18-21, Part Goth, almost Emo, but definitely a statement of some sort. Cynical by nature but loyal to her friends.

Simon Cabot: MALE, 18-21, Black, preppy metro-sexual type. Smooth voice and easy smile.

Brett Mears: MALE, 18-21, A player, silk tie and slick suit type, he’s always working an angle. Possessing a dry, cruel wit, he’s often smirking at someone else’s expense.

Tiffany Burke: FEMALE, 18-21, Pretty, but tries too hard. Too much makeup and too little fabric cling to her lithe frame, suggesting she is of “loose and questionable” morals.

Father Emilio Tassone: MALE, 30’s, Dark hair, medium height, friendly face. He wears dark clothing, wire rimmed glasses and a Jesuit collar.

Lao Chen: MALE, 20’s, Thin, bespectacled Chinese student.

Holden: MALE, 50’s, Michael’s boss. Well-coiffed with a perpetual smirk.

Chinese Ghost. FEMALE 20’s. Eerie and beautiful. Must be willing to wear make-up
Claudia Giardino: FEMALE, 20’s, Earthy, intelligent, and strong.
Store Owner: MALE, 60’s, Older Chinese gentleman.

Wife: FEMALE, 60’s, Older Chinese woman, married to Store Owner.

Casting Dates:
June 14th, 2008, 1 pm to 9 pm

Shooting Dates:
September, October 2008 (Dates to be determined)

Full Sail 3F, 351 University Park Drive, Winter Park, FL 32792

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