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Casting Call for Feature Film “In The Middle of The River” (New Mexico)

Project: “In The Middle of The River”
Location: Farmington, Shiprock, Four Corners, NM
Casting: Paid roles for kids/adults

The feature film “In The Middle of The River” is casting 20+ speaking roles in the Farmington/Shiprock area.

Production Title: “In The Middle of The River”
Production Company:  Weydemann Bros.

Synopsis: A wounded military veteran returns home to face the war within his own dysfunctional family, as he tries to piece together the reasons behind his sister’s mysterious death…

Director: Damian John Harper, director of the award-winning film, “Los Angeles”

Producer: Jonas Weydemann

Genre: Drama

Roles: Currently casting all speaking roles listed below

Rates: TBD but currently between $100-$500/day

Shoot Date: end of March 2016-May 2016

Shoot Location: Farmington, Shiprock, Four Corners, NM

Date of Open Casting Call: SATURDAY, JANUARY 23, 2016 10am-1pm
@ RED LION HOTEL in Farmington, NM
700 Scott Avenue  UTAH room
Farmington NM,  87401

Please bring a photo or headshot and resume if you have one.

INDIVIDUAL APPOINTMENTS for Sat 1/23 from 2pm-6pm and Sunday 1/24/16 from 10am-3pm can be made ahead of time by contacting the Casting Director as follows:
Submit photo or headshot, all contact information and skills relevant to the role you are seeking.

THESE ARE ALL PAID POSITIONS. Rates vary according to role.
ALL ROLES ARE SPEAKING ROLES…not background extras

[DINAH] 25, MUST BE ABLE TO BOX AND SPEAK NAVAJO a beautiful young Native American (Diné/Navajo. LEAD (4)

[ISHMAEL] 14, Anglo/Nat Am, he’s Gabriel’s tattooed, rebellious younger brother. LEAD (5)

[MAGDALENA] 62, Native American. .LEAD (8)



[STACY] 26, Hispanic, MUST BE ABLE TO BOX. 8 speeches & 13 lines, 10 scenes (1)

[ABIGAIL] 8 years old, of mixed ethnicity (½ African American).


[YANAHA] 83, Speaks a native Diné/Navajo dialect as well as English. 10 speeches & 10 lines, 7 scenes (11)

[EFRAIM] 80,  Speaks a native Diné/Navajo dialect as well as English. 6 speeches & 15 lines, 8 scenes (11)

[NOAH] 5 years old, of mixed ethnicity(1/2 African American). 8 lines, 15 scenes (7)

[JOSIAH] 8 years old. 14 lines, 10 scenes (11)

[TOAD] 14, small in stature. 3 speeches & 7 lines, 10 scenes (13)

[SHERIFF] 55, Native American. 9 speeches & 9 lines, 1 scene (31)

[JOHN] 52. 9 speeches & 7 lines, 3 scenes (79)

[POLICE OFFICER] 43, Native American. 4 speeches & 6 lines, 2 scenes (94)

[6 YEAR OLD SON] 3 lines, 6 scenes (1) He is ½ Anglo and ½ Hispanic

[NAOMI] 27, Caucasian. 1 speech, 1 scene (1)

[JUSTIN] 15. 1 line, 10 scenes (13)

[KEITH] 19, Native American youth. No lines, 2 sc (28)

[SECOND SHERIFF] 49, African American, this large lawman is the Sheriff’s partner. No lines, 1 scene (30)

[YOUNG MAN] About 15, Native American man.1 line, 2 scenes (29)

[ROBERT YAZZI] About 15. 2 lines, 3 scenes (29)

[CLERK] Diné/Navajo speaking clerk. 1 speech, 1 scene (34)

[COUNCIL LEADER] Tribal elder.1 line, 1 scene (34)

[GUARD] Large prison guard. 1 line, 1 scene (35)

[PROMOTER] 40 years old, a fat male boxing promoter.1 line, 1 scene (75)

[FRIEND 1 AND 2] 1 line, 2 scenes; 4 lines, 2 scenes respectively (78)

[REFEREE] This referee officiates at the boxing match…1 line, 1 scene (81)

[GREAT UNCLE 1 (DAVE) AND 2 (RICH)] 1 line, 1 scene apiece (82)

[OLDER WOMAN 1, 2 AND 3] Speak a native Diné/Navajo dialect…1 line, 1 scene; 2 speeches, 1 scene; 2 speeches, 1 scene respectively (102)

[TRIBAL OFFICER] 35, female tribal police officer.1 line, 1 scene (106)

Project: “In The Middle of The River”
Location: Farmington, Shiprock, Four Corners, NM
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