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Casting call for feature film “Illusions of Love”

“Illusions of Love” Executive Producer: Brandi Wilson
DIA Productions Writer: Brandi Wilson
Feature Film Director: Michael Willis
Shoot: July
Location: Georgia (metro-Atl)
Audition date: 5/15/09 – 5/16/09

**Audition is at a closed location by appt. only. Please contact Brandi Wilson at 404-349-9408 or info@realizemg.com to schedule an appt. The film is an independent/non-union/low pay production with screen credit.

STORY LINE: Three friends whose love lives experiences ups and downs manages to support each other despite their own struggles. Denise White, in her late 20’s, is married to her high school crush. She is in denial of his adultery and is committed to staying married. But after a turn of events she reconsiders. Aaleeyanah Anderson, in her late 20’s, is single and desperate to fall in love. She chooses one erroneous man after another. Stephanie Wynters, in her late 20’s, is involved in a 6 year relationship in which she is emotionally detached. When she realizes he’s the one, it’s too late.

AALEEYANAH ANDERSON: 26-32; physically fit 5’6, attractive woman with impeccable taste, implied alcoholic. She’s college educated, works at a marketing firm, and finds a way to balance her blunt demeanor with reserved compassion. Aaleeyanah runs into an ex that she loved dearly. They try to rekindle the flame but disaster happens leading Aaleeyanah into the arms of another man…LEAD

DENISE WHITE: 26-32; chubby, 5’4, average woman who is low on self-esteem. Denise’s goal is to Mario, her husband of two years. She is a stay-at-home wife, is smarter than she gives herself credit for, and is a talented cook. Denise didn’t go to college and most days regret it. She gets fired up but represses her emotions. Denise’s resolve to maintain her marriage has detrimental consequences…LEAD

STEPHANIE WYNTERS: 26-32; she is curvy, dresses well and is college educated. Stephanie is a psychologist with her own practice. Stephanie is in a 6 year relationship, but with her distant behavior she begins to push her boyfriend, Robert, away. She has an attitude that is expressed in speech, tone, and facial expressions; some would call her a bitch. Stephanie’s client tells her something that could ruin her friendship or her career…LEAD

CA’RON GREEN: 26-32; basketball player physique. He dated Aaleeyanah in college but left her to be with another woman. He’s a smooth talker and knows how to say all the right things. One moment he can’t get enough of Aaleeyanah and the next, he’s had too much…FEATURE

MARIO WHITE: 26-32; athletic build, fit and attractive. Mario is beginning to question his marriage and his love for his wife Denise. Mario is a college educated professional who makes good money. He has an air of control and entitlement. Mario’s decision to be unfaithful has deadly consequences…FEATURE

ROBERT: 26-32; 5’8, average build. He is successful entrepreneur who enjoys doing volunteer work. He is devoted to Stephanie, but his patience is finally wearing thin. Robert is peaceful, good natured with sense of humor…FEATURE

DERRICK: 26-30; 6’0, athletic build. Sly, smooth talker, appears to be confident. He’s married to Genoiselle but decides to have affair for the first time. He can be distant and moody. FEATURE

GENOISELLE JOUBERT: 26-30; Petite woman, 5’3, Caucasian with short hair, sultry, and manipulative. Best friends with Noral since birth. Genoiselle married Derrick because she couldn’t have Noral. Genoiselle believes in any means necessary to get what she wants.

NORAL DUBOISE: 26-32; Average Caucasian male, 5’8, lawyer, and friends with Genoiselle and Derrick. He was molested as a child by a local pastor and it continues to haunt him. He wants to be a good man but his past and Genoiselle won’t let him.

LIZA: 25-30; Tall and nondescript woman. She is having an affair with Mario. Liza is childlike and lives in a dream world expressed by her speech.

AGNES: 55-62; Stephanie’s mother
ASSISTANT 1: 25-30; female
ASSISTANT 2: 25-30; female
AUNT VIOLET: elderly; voice only
CALLY: 28-32; female lawyer
CHLOE: 25-32
DANCER: female
DOCTOR CARTER: 45-50; female
EMPLOYEE: 30-35; male or female
MAN: 55-65; Stephanie’s father, beard
MC/POET: nondescript
MR. DUBBINS: 50-60; male, round
MUSICIAN: nondescript
PI: 18-25; male
PSYCHOLOGIST: 28-32; female
SAVOY: 25-32
SEAN: 26-32; attractive male who’s sexuality is questionable; friends with Mario.
SECRETARY: female; voice only
WAITER: 18-32; male
WOMAN: 21-26
11 EXTRAS: 16-21; gender mix, high school class
15-20 EXTRAS: 21-26; gender mix; college grads and families
8 EXTRAS: 35-50; mainly female
30 EXTRAS: gender/age mix
30 EXTRAS: gender/age mix (adults only)

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