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Open Casting Call for Soap opera

Casting Call Details:
Open Casting Call
Professional Production Company Interested in creating a Soap opera for
the International Market. Specifically China. Mandarin Speaking a
plus.Producing a full 30 minute pilot. Pay is not full scale Low Budget

The following are a list of paid parts:

Su Li -Main role 20’s female University student Lucy Lui type attended
university in China and has come to America to continue her
schooling.very intelligent and intellectual

Dr. & Mrs. Yee -late 40’s -50’s Chinese husband and wife very much in
live came to america as newlyweds. Parents of Lance and Amy opening
their home to Su Li their neice. Dr Yee is a surgeon and doesn’t get
along with Mr.Song perhaps since he lives with them

Lance Yee-30’s Chinese male Police Detective, protective brother bias
against his sister dating non- chinese boys but he denies it, Oldest
child and has s by the book mentality. very structured.

Amy Yee-21 chinese born in America.Pure LOL, OMG american youth. works
on school paper. feels a spark for her brothers partner Antonio. Often
helpful with the goings on at the university her brother often comes to
her for useful info/rumors to help thier investigations.

Antonio Trejo- 30’s Latin Police Detective streetwise tough guy who grew
up on the fringes of gang culture still has friends on the darkside,
ladies man feels a spark for Amy.His streetsmarts is a good balance to
Lance’s by the book work ethic.

Mr. Song- elderly Chinese male practices Tai Chi daily, wise man used to
being the smartest person in the room. The grandfather. lives with the

Trinket- 20’s African male heavyset philosophical thinker,
existentialist, expelled from school dreams of retruning to university,
likes to tagg his name to leave his mark on society part of his vandal past

Scott Tran- 20’s university student who committed a cyber crime hacking
into a large electronics companies website with the help of his friend
Mike Marsh. In order to unload stolen electronic’s -tv’s dvd’ players
etc they enlist the help of a local crime family.

Mike Marsh- 20’s caucasian University student commited cyber crime with
friend Scott Tran and hacked into an electronics company site sending a
large shipment of electronics to a phony address where the boys took

Marco & Rudy- 2 male Italian Intimadating types 30’s-40’s. thugs from
the Fanelli mob who put the muscle on Mike and Scott and encourage them
to heist more electronic equipment.

Lorenzo Trejo-mid 20’s male Latin handsome Bartender at local
bar/restaurant alot of action plays out here with Students, police
officers, and criminals all enjoying the atmosphere.

Isabella Trejo- early 20’s female Latin attractive waitress at local
bar/restaurant where she works with her older brother paying her way
thru college. she quickly becomes Su Li’s best freind

Travis Peterson- 20’s male caucasian student works for the Daily Triton
(university paper) where he is the photographer and friend of Amy Yee.

Gina Talbott-20’s female caucasian girlfriend of Travis
Peterson, enjoys shopping malls more than the University.

Prowler- 40’s male- breaks into tail of the pup local hot dog shape stand.

Assorted extras will be needed.

Casting Call Location: Los Angeles, CA
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