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Washington, DC Casting Calls: Casting Call for TV Pilot/Web Series

Casting Call Details:
Auditions will consist of a contemporary monologue no more then one minute long and a cold reading of sides from the script. Although this is an open call, appointments are suggested and those with appointments will be given first priority. However, we will audition as many actors/actresses as we can with the given time.

Please reply with head shot/resume
In subject line, please include the character(s) you’re submitting for and time of appointment

Example — Character 1

Main Cast

(Michelle) 20-30 year-old. . .African-American. . . female. . . This character always has something to say. When she’s passionate about something she rambles on and on and on. . . She’s fun, outgoing and always into somebody’s business. She always speaks her mind and she always notices the little things. She can be that Angry black woman to a sophisticated business woman.

(Nayla) 20-30year-old. . . Hispanic. . . beautiful. . . female. . . This character can be a little emotional at times. She’s the type of lady that thinks she’s too pretty for this and she too pretty for that. Yet she extremely insecure about herself.

(Dominic) 20-30year-old. . . Hispanic. . . muscles… Brown — dark skinned. . . male. . . This character is not much for words. He has this dark humor that can be awkward at times. He is very secretive and sensitive of his work (cooking). This person experiences some risky behavior.

(RJ) 20-30. . .African-American. . .Tall. . . male this character takes the brinks of a true weed head who is smart, confident, and a ladies man. He has a great job and knows how to manage his life, money, and sex. He is however that ASSHOLE that everybody would agree that he is. He doesn’t believe in relationship. . . He will have your back in a heartbeat.

(Tristan) 20-30. . .white. . . black. . . mixed. . . big and tall. . . plus size. . . male. . . This character is a party animal who can be easily influenced by others. He doesn’t have a backbone and people use and abuse him for his kindness. He is a virgin and never been in a real relationship.

Supporting Cast

(Erica) 20-30. . .mixed. . . female. . . This character will be the girlfriend of Dominic. She is energetic. . . talkative.. . Always willing to give a helping hand. Yet she is not who she claims to portray.

(Rome) 20-30. . .African American. . . Tattoo. . . Male… This character is set out to be a street guy who keeps to himself. He is easy going yet his past continuously holds him back from who he is trying to be. He’s never been sheltered and does not take well with liars or thieves.

(Jesus) 25-35. . . Hispanic. . . Male. . . This character is an aggressive, lazy, woman beater type of guy. It is his way or the highway. He’s a violent person and does not care about anybody or anything except himself.

(Character9) 18-20. . .. Female (India)

(Character10) 30-35. . . Female (Yvonne)

Note: There is no race limitation for the characters so all are welcome to apply..All serious inquiries only!! Shooting will begin soon, this will look great on your resume and will also add television experience, contact us ASAP to receive an appointment time. Thank you and Good luck! This is a no pay!

Casting Calls Categories: Web Series Casting Calls / Lead Roles Casting Calls / TV Pilot Casting Calls
Audition Date: 05-20-2012
Project: Casting Call (TV Pilot/Web Series)
Casting Call Location: Washington, DC

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