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Casting young/adult talent for Short Film – DC/Baltimore City

Project: NYU Short Film
Casting Calls Category: Short Film
Location: DC/Baltimore City

Casting Call Details:

Director: Tiana Marenah.
Producer: Brigette Proctor

MLK Room 221
901 G St. N.W.
Washington, DC 20001

This film is a biopic about a young African American woman growing up in Baltimore City who aspires to become a Nun in the 1960’s. She is unfortunately met with obstacles presented by her home life and the Church and goes through a gradual personal decline. But her spirit and personal strength show through despite her many obstacles.

Character Breakdown:

(5-7) They younges child. Smart, quiet, and confident.

(10-14) The third of five children. He plays the role of wrangler with the other two children. He tries his best to be the protector.

The understanding younger sister. Smart faithful to her family, but used to Christina taking on most of the problems and responsibilities. She is very mature for her age and loves her sister like a mother. But is torn between the relationship with her mother and sister.

(31-45) Mary: is the mother of five children and a nurse. She works hard but came from an emotionally abusive home which in turn makes her emotionally and, at times, physically abusive to her children. She is a suppressed Lesbian and promiscuous. She is also an alcoholic, however functioning. She wants her daughter to become a nun, but her emotional hang-ups prevent her from really supporting her daughter.

(Ages 15-24 may apply)
Christine: is a young women of 16 growing up in Baltimore. She basically raises her 4 siblings while her single-mother, who is a nurse works and carries on. She is extremely intellegent. What makes Christine unique and gives her strength is her love of God. She volunteers after school with the Little Sisters of the Poor and is working to become a Nun.

Marcus (15-24 may apply)
Christines boyfried, he is a good young man, easily influenced. He quit school to take up Baltimore factory work. He is newly introduced to introvenus drug use, and its just begining to cause him subtle social and relationship problems.

Reverend-Mother Wilins (50-65)
A woman of the cloth, head of the order in which Christine hopes to join as a nun. She is confident and steadfast in her beliefs, and thinks that the church is just even though she may not always agree with all its decisions. She cares a great deal about Christine, but feels that at this time the issues in her community are more pressing.

Ms. Sylvia (30) Mary’s Lesbian lover, and Romantic friend. Hangs in the house but is not out with the children.

Sam: (37) Mary’s drinking friend and sometimes lover.

One more child around age 7
People in church
Nun extras.

Casting Calls Categories: Extras Casting Calls / Young Actors Casting Calls / Short Film Casting Calls
Audition Date: Aug. 20th, 2011
Project: NYU Short Film
Location: DC/Baltimore City

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