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Casting notice for Feature Film “Vacation!”

Self Submission casting call for Actors

VACATION! is an existential beach party movie that mixes comedy and tragedy with an original style and subversive implications. Former college friends Sugar, Donna, Dee-dee and Lorelei take a weeklong excursion to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. But it can’t all be dancing and hot tubs, and what starts off as a fun, leisurely getaway quickly gets more complicated. With a vibrant neon color palette and a sound track composed equally of ethereal electronic music and raw, grindy rock-n-roll, VACATION! is a provocative comedy unlike any other.

Please submit headshot and resume, and we will contact you to schedule an audition. At which time you will be given sides.
Auditions will be held on camera!

Male, 27-35 years old, He comes off as a washed up party boy. But there is a sadness and loneliness underneath. He is an outer banks local who spends every day on the beach, surfing and drinking beer. RURAL NORTH CAROLINIAN ACCENT!

Female, 19-25 years old, (preferably thin, tall and blonde, but we are flexible) She is a working class single mother who has taken a job working at a roadside attraction. Hopeful. RURAL NORTH CAROLINIAN ACCENT!

Sorry, no SAG!

Respond to Vacation.movie@gmail.com.

Auditions will be held in Downtown DC on the weekend of July 25th.
We will be shooting the film in the Outer Banks of NC for 2 weeks, from late September to Early October 2009.
All transportation will be organized and paid for by the LLC.





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