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Casting Call for web series “Stage Fright” (Washington, DC)

New Washington, DC-based ensemble comedy web series seeks actors for 6 days of production over two long weekends in late February and mid-March. This is an experimental project that will be professionally directed and shot by award-winning faculty at American University’s Film & Media Arts Division. No pay but a copy of the series will be provided. Show likely to have web distribution but not guaranteed. SAG/NON-SAG.

THE STORY: A Washington DC community theater undertakes to stage a production of Our American Cousin – the play that was being performed when President Lincoln was assassinated. The passionate but moderately talented cast and crew have their work cut out for them: the show is under-funded, the material is dated — and now they discover the production is haunted. As the cast and crew band together to discover the identity of the ghost, they discover that its presence may solve more problems than it creates.

We are currently seeking actors for the following roles:

(30s), The stage manager of the play. He has a gentle manner, geekish charm and a can-do attitude. He is passionate about the theater and harbors a secret crush on the director, his longtime friend and collaborator Mia. Ned is homeless since his hillrat-ex-girlfriend threw him out; unbeknownst to the rest of the cast, he sneaks back to sleep at the theater.

Mid-to late 20s. A goth girl born to hippy parents. She works as a librarian and started doing community theater – not because she loves acting but because she needs to get out of her parents’ house. She is also a conspiracy theorist. Tracking a ghost is the best thing that has ever happened to her.

Late 20s/early 30s. Gay, cavalier, sarcastic with a strong sense of pride. Seth is a jack-of-all-trades. He plays the butler in the play and doubles as the lighting tech (the production’s effort to save money). Works at a bike repair shop by day. His secret is that he is color blind. This fact will feed into his ability to ‘see’ the ghost and solve the mystery.

20s/30s. Lance is fit, handsome and completely self-absorbed. He’s an amateur actor who sees this play as his shot at glory. He is cast in the lead role as the character that speaks the famous line during which Lincoln was shot. The problem is that it is something of a tongue twister and he has trouble nailing that line… or any of the others. Lance Powers is his stage name. His real name is Bernard Tynkler and he works in a candy shop. What he doesn’t yet know, is that he’s also a bit of a psychic.

30s. Smart, poised, gracious and exceedingly patient Mia has been directing community theater since college. She also works as animal tech a the National Zoo and tends to bring some of her unique perspective into rehearsal. She is a pragmatist when it comes to the ghost and simply wants it taken care of. Mia is happily married and oblivious to Ned’s feelings.

30-40s. Hamilton has been doing theater since he was a child. He plays the English buffoon in the play without realizing he will need a British accent. Hamilton isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer but he tries hard and has a good heart. He also has a drinking problem.

FLORENCE (SUPPORTING) 30s. A Juilliard-trained diva who works as a lobbyist by day. A K Street superwoman with drive, pluck, intelligence… and an exceedingly low pain threshold.

30s-40s. Average height and build. Will appear mostly through special effects.

Send pictures and resumes to
Claudia Myers
2126 Newport Place NW
Washington DC 20037

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