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Casting Call for Stage Production in Capital Fringe Festival – Washington, DC

Casting Call Details:
Team Trinitee Productions Presents…..

Casting Call for a stage production….

Are you interested in being in a stage production that will be featured in the Capital Fringe Festival?

The CapitalFringe Festival is an Arts Festival in Washington DC, that features many different types of productions from plays to dance. This festival is held from July 11-28, which will give any actor plenty of exposure to a huge demographic. Capital Fringe Festival has brought 80,000 fellow members of the DC community to see amazing, world-class performing arts and has grown to be the second largest, unjuried Fringe Festival in the United States. This is a non-pay opportunity.

We would love for you to come audition for our production


When: Saturday March 2, 2013

Where: Bowie Library (Bowie Auditorium)
15210 Annapolis Rd
Bowie, MD

Time: 2:30-5:00pm

We are looking for talented actors and actresses to perform in our production.

Cast description:

Main Characters

Charles Smith: A charming man on the surface, this character is angry and violent behind closed doors. He has a way with words, and is quite the manipulator… He is an overall hot head.

Carlene Smith: Carlene is quiet and reserved. She makes her family her number one priority and is not much into letting her business be known. She is a likable and sweet woman, and is remarkably strong given her situation. This character is in turmoil with herself, and struggles with the right thing to do.

Julianna Bernier: Julianna is feisty and opinionated. She has a tendency to get things going and escalate them until she either gets her way or proves her point. Her heart is always in the right place despite her methods. This character is take charge, and no nonsense, but very emotional.

Nadia Gordon Malloy: Nadia is a peace maker. She is level headed and always considers every side of a situation before settling on a position. She is a natural born mediator and is generally the one to keep things in order. She wears her heart on her sleeve and usually finds herself plagued with other people’s problems. This character is very loving and supportive.

Carmel Smith: The oldest of three children, she takes on the role of mom, often times coming off as more bossy to her siblings than anything else. She shows genuine concern for her mother and always tries to mend the shattered pieces of whatever mess her parents created. This character is very mature for her young age.

Kateline Smith: The middle child, she is quite oppositional. She challenges near everything that her older sister says and has a knack for stirring up commotion with her younger brother. She is a little sneaky, with a quiet demeanor, yet is extremely fearful when it comes to the violence between her parents. This character is often in worry and sometimes acts out in response.

Marc Smith: Marc is very observant to be so young. He is aware that there is tension between his parents and does not conceal his inquisitiveness regarding the situation. He is a typical child and says the darnedest things as a result. This character is protective, concerned, and a little comical at times.

Supporting Cast:

Denise Bernier: A typical grandmother. She absolutely adores her grandchildren and does not hold her tongue with respect to anything.

Carl Bernier Sr: Quiet and reserved. He is very observant and commands attention and respect whenever he does speak. This character is very humble and takes pride in his family.

Marrianne Bernier: Outspoken, outgoing, and obtrusive. She takes her role as oldest sibling to the next level.

Carl Jr: Nice guy and minds his own business most times, but mess with his family and he erupts.

Harriet Bernier Herrera: Generally quiet, but can get an attitude quick. She is the flashy, fashionable, and sassy sister.

Maria Bernier: Loud and classy at the same time.

Kelvin Herrera: The family jokester

David Herrera: Very serious

Shamika: Very loud and boisterous. This character is extremely opinionated, aggressive, and without finesse.

Charles Smith Parents: Loud, fussy, extremely opinionated

Extras: Policemen, Doctors, Host, Butler, Lawyers, Judge

If you’re interested in auditioning please contact for more details.

We hope to see you at the casting call, Good Luck!

Casting Calls Categories: Theater Auditions / Lead Roles Casting Calls / Extras Casting Calls
Audition Date: 3/2/13
Project: Casting Call for Stage Production in Capital Fringe Festival
Casting Call Location: Washington, DC

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