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Casting call for photo shoot for a Hispanic fotonovela

Casting Call Details:
The Media Network, Inc., a social marketing company in Silver Spring MD, is looking for non-union talent to participate in a photo shoot for a Hispanic fotonovela (only pictures, no dialogue). The fotonovela is about substance abuse treatment for persons with co-occurring disorders. Basically is about a Hispanic male who is an alcoholic and as a result also suffers from depression. He attends support groups and a therapist and is finally able to overcome his addiction and get better.


Lead: Jorge, 38 years old, Hispanic father

Wife: Maria, 35 years old, Hispanic mother

Son: Juan, 14 years old, Hispanic teen

Son: Jorgito, 8 years old, Hispanic pre-teen

Daughter: Cristina, 13 years old, Hispanic teen

Grandmother: Carmen, 58 years old, Hispanic.

Friend: Miguel, 40 years old, Hispanic male

Friend: Ivan, 30 years old, Hispanic male

Friend: Leonardo, 28 years old, Hispanic male

Friend’s wife: Rosario, 30 years old, Hispanic. Better is she has a
baby, but not required

Boss: Mr. Gonzalez, 35+ years old, Hispanic

Friend: Sofia, 35 years old, Hispanic

Counselor: Armando, 40+years old, Hispanic

Psychiatrist: Dr. Gomez, 40+, Hispanic

Teacher: Ms. Stuart, 25+ years old female of any ethnicity

AA member 1: 30+ female of any ethnicity

AA member 2: 30+ female, Hispanic

AA member 3: 30+ male of any ethnicity

AA member 4: 30+ male, Hispanic

AA member 5: 30+ male, Hispanic

Jail inmate 1: 25+ male, Hispanic

Jail inmate: 25+ male, any ethnicity

Jail inmate: 25+ male, any ethnicity

Judge: 45+ male, any ethnicity

Worker: 30+ male, Hispanic

The photo shoot will take place during the week of May 25 to May 29,
in the Montgomery County area. We will not need all talent to show
up for every section; it depends on the role. Payment also varies
depending on how many scenes each character has, but it ranges
from $100 to $300 per day. There are some characters that will only
be needed for an hour or so.

Location: Washington, DC

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