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Casting Call for Independent Feature Film “Consumers” – Rockville, MD

Casting Call Details:
“Consumers” follows three characters through their struggle to integrate technology into their lives. Sammy is a 14 year old girl, who 20 year old Brendo finds on Facebook. Sammy starts to think that Brendo might be ‘the one,’ only Brendo has something else in mind… Jerry may seem like another suburban drone, but he has a secret. He plays World of Warcraft. When romance blossoms with a female gamer, Jerry must get in sync with who he really is in order to pursue love into the “real world”. Robby’s post-graduate life is peachy, until he falls for his best friend, Angela, and everything spirals out of control. Lost between reality and virtuality, he finds where they meet naked in a cornfield somewhere.

Here are roles we are currently casting:

JERRY, (lead) 30-35, out of shape.
JERRY’S FATHER, (supporting) 55-70, large and imposing.
JERRY’S MOTHER, (supporting) 50-70, fragile and histrionic.
HANNAH, (supporting) 30-45, a strong and independent intellectual. extremely knowledgeable about cinema.
JIM, (supporting) 25-40, Jerry’s boisterous co-worker, of Guatemalan descent.
TOM, (supporting) 25-40, Jerry’s mild mannered co-worker.
TIM, (supporting) 25-40, Jerry’s street smart co-worker.

Auditions this week.

There is no upfront pay, but we are compensating everyone with shares of ownership of the film proportionate to time worked. Also, everyone gets copy, credit and meals.

Casting Calls Categories: Independent Film Casting Calls / Feature Film Casting Calls
Audition Date: 7/18, 7/19, 7/20, 7/21
Project: independent feature film, CONSUMERS, seeks cast
Casting Call Location: Rockville, MD

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