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Casting Call for Improv Film Project – Washington, DC

Casting Call Details:
Submissions requested for an untitled project involving 7 actors for a short film. The film is to be produced by New York production company “Veia Productions” and is written/directed by British writer/director John Baker.


The Premise:

A documentary crew have been commissioned to capture a fly-on-the wall documentary following the rehearsals of a new play, its cast and crew.

The film will be scripted in skeleton format, with large portions improvised.

This is a NON-UNION and UNPAID film project, here is the breakdown of talent needed:

Alan Richards | Theatre Producer | Male | 40 – 50 yrs old

Alan’s theatre is about to close down, but nobody knows. Not his family, his staff and certainly not the cast of the play. He is supportive of the cast’s efforts and something of a big cheese in the local community, but his wealth and good fortune is a result of borrowed money, bank loans and credit cards. He’s something of a fraud.

Felicity Drake | Writer | Female | 40 yrs old

Ethereal and literary, Felicity Drake has been writing plays since she was seven years old and is obsessed with the works of Virginia Woolf. She’s a feminist spinster who lives for her writing. She believes that men and women should be equals, and often refers to equal rights, feminist views and women’s liberation even if it’s irrelevant to conversation. She has a raging cold which makes it difficult for her to speak, and she is plagued by constant sneezing fits.

Matt Napoleon | Director | Male | 30 – 40 yrs old

He is the sane voice amidst the chaos of his production. He has taken over the play from another director who has cast the actors hap hazardly in all the wrong roles. He has had nothing but frustrations with his cast and his producer, Alan, with whom he is at odds because the budget he was given has been drastically cut.

Angela DeVere | Lead Actress | Female | 35 – 45 yrs old

Angela has performed on Broadway. She has a very high opinion of herself and is working on this current play out of desperation for work. She is something of a fading star who sets herself high above every other actor in the company. she is demanding, dramatic and fearlessly bold.

Sterling Fenton Lead Actor | Male | 30 — 45 yrs old

Sterling is a veteran of soap operas. He is agreeable but has moments of diva-fits. He has a crippling twitch and speech impediment that has never caused him problems on camera because all of his ticks can be edited out, but on stage he has to overcome his afflictions.

Monica Easton | Ingenue | Female | 20 — 25 yrs old

Monica wishes that the play were a musical, but it isn’t. She is a classic Sondheim ingenue theatre geek who has just graduated from a New York conservatory school. She is a self-professed triple threat, and LOVES the theatre. Much to everyone else’s dismay. Outrageously confident, Monica is an annoying ray of sunshine in the gray skies that are the rest of the cast.

The film will shoot in June in the DC Area (TBD)

VIDEO SUBMISSIONS PREFERRED: Please submit an improvised / scripted comedic piece or monologue as an “emailable” video (mpeg/mov) or iPhone / phone camera / Webcam videos are more than acceptable. – Please state your name and the role(s) you’d like to be considered for.

Headshots and resumes should be attached with videos, or independently if you do not have the facility to shoot video. Please submit all videos/headshots/resumes via submission form below.

Casting Calls Categories: Short Film Casting Calls / Non-union Casting Calls
Audition Date: TBD
Project: Improv Film Project
Location: Washington, DC

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